Client Interview Series: Warequip

August 27, 2015 — James Fulton

Client Interview Series: Warequip

If you browse our case studies and testimonials, you’ll notice that we strive to develop a true relationship with our clients during the process of branding and building their website. We also recognise the project as a significant financial investment from which the clients should be able to see tangible returns in the near future. And we work hard to sustain that ROI through our monthly maintenance plans. In short, we at SGD are all about our clients, so instead of telling you about them, we decided to let them speak to you themselves!

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be presenting a series of client interviews where we ask about why they chose SGD, what they like about their website and monthly plan and what changes they’ve seen since launch. In this installment, we’re talking to Nadine Kane, Marketing Manager at Warequip.

SGD: How did your business get started?

Nadine: Warequip is a Melbourne-based company which was established in 1976. We are a leader in the Materials Handling industry.

SGD: What services do you offer?

Nadine: Warequip is Australia’s premium supplier of small materials handling equipment including the world’s best brands: Prestar, Clax, Ruxxac, Magliner, Taylor Dunn, Polaris and Rubbermaid. We have an extensive dealers network Australia wide, serving all markets.

SGD: Why did you start shopping for a web design company?

Nadine: We had a lot of bad experiences with web companies. We had previously hired two Melbourne-based companies where the work was unacceptable. The sales staff were based in Melbourne, however the web builders and designers were based overseas which created a language barrier and a wide range of problems.

SGD: What were you looking for in a new website?

Nadine: We were looking for good design, good service and basically a relationship with the web builder so you have an understanding of each other. Websites need to be unique yet suit their audience and function flawlessly.

SGD: What was your experience like with the website design process?

Nadine: SGD seemed to have an understanding of the design we liked and what worked for the audience. They have designed and built a number of websites for us now and each one thoroughly thought out [see below for a list]. The whole design process was easy: we would supply a basic sitemap of what was required and any important images and logos, and then SGD did the rest.

SGD: How has the new website benefited your business?

Nadine: Websites are the most vital tool in any business, especially ours. With consumer buying patterns changing, websites need to reflect this. Higher-end purchase consumers are more informed than ever, researching the best product / service on the web before contacting anyone. Also with online shopping growing, the importance of e-commerce sites is paramount. SGD built our first e-commerce site and within a hour of the site going live we received our first order. 16 months on, this site is still growing.

SGD: Has the new site seen a return on investment in terms of new enquiries, sales, or bookings? If you could give us some figures, that would be great.

Nadine: Our enquiry levels on general materials handling products has increased dramatically. Our online store has increased to over 100 units sold per month.

SGD: What is the single biggest positive change you’ve seen in your business since launching the new website?

Nadine: I would say the introduction of our online store and the new customers we are growing due to this store. The product is also being accepted and purchased from the domestic market, which is huge!

SGD: What features do you like most about your new website?

Nadine: On our e-commerce site I like the simplicity which was created in the site. I believe this is one of the reasons our site is so successful: if it’s too hard people won’t purchase. As well as we have a number of other sites which link to our hub site. I like the way the sites interact with each other and the feature of jumping between them using a menu.

SGD: How often do you update your site and what are your most frequent changes made? Is this process easy?

Nadine: As we are product-based, all of our sites are CMS [content management system]. Therefore it is super easy for me to make changes myself with little or no web knowledge. If there was something I required SGD to change, I would simply outline it in an email and it would be completed.

SGD: Finally, what made you choose SGD? Would you recommend SGD to other members of your industry?

Nadine: SGD was firstly recommended to us by a friend of our Managing Director. Then after initial contact James came out to introduce the company and we never looked back. In all, they have built 14 websites for us and we are extremely happy with each and every site. The design and functionality are outstanding and the user-friendly back end is ideal. The staff at SGD are friendly and professional and work in a timely fashion. I would definitely recommend SGD to anyone in any industry in need of a website.

SGD: Thank you for the feedback. We appreciate your taking the time to talk to us.

Nadine: No problem at all. Thanks for having me.

Check back next week for another client interview and you’ll see that Nadine’s experience is not unique among our clients. If your business could use a new website and/or a new brand, please drop us a line! The initial consultation is free, with no obligation. What do you have to lose?

If you would like to browse more of the sites we have built for Warequip, here is a complete list:

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