Client Interview Series: The O.R. Company

August 14, 2015 — James Fulton

Client Interview Series: The O.R. Company

If you browse our case studies and testimonials, you’ll notice that we strive to develop a true relationship with our clients during the process of branding and building their website. We also recognise the project as a significant financial investment from which the clients should be able to see tangible returns in the near future. And we work hard to sustain that ROI through our monthly maintenance plans. In short, we at SGD are all about our clients, so instead of telling you about them, we decided to let them speak to you themselves!

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be presenting a series of client interviews where we ask about why they chose SGD, what they like about their website and monthly plan and what changes they’ve seen since launch. In this installment, we’re talking to Jana Kuthe, Marketing Manager at The O.R. Company.

SGD: How did your business get started?

Jana: The O.R. Company is part of the Telford Group of Companies. In 2011 it was established as a separate US company to serve as regional office based in Tacoma, WA. In February 2015, the Australian entity was incorporated in Melbourne, VIC.

SGD: What services do you offer?

Jana: The O.R. Company develops, supplies and markets high quality, innovative surgical devices – from niche products to proprietary surgical instruments – for minimally invasive and open surgery. Through collaboration with surgeons, clinical technicians and nurses around the world, we identify surgical needs and advance them into effective and safe products such as the renowned McCartney / CoplotomizOR Tube. With a strong focus in Gynecology, we are expanding into a smart, diverse and global surgical device supplier. Headquartered in the United States and Australia, our products are sold and supported through a network of partners in Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

SGD: Why did you start shopping for a web design company?

Jana: Having a professional online presence is key for the O.R. Company’s (ORC) business communication. In 2014 the existing ORC website had reached its ‘use-by date’. Built about 12-18 months earlier and maintained internally (using WordPress), it provided basic company and product information. The website was to a certain extent functional (a few technical issues here & there), but did not convey the ORC story and brand. With the help of SGD we wanted to create an online presence that was in line with the ORC brand identity and consistent across different platforms / context.

SGD: What were you looking for in a new website?

Jana: We were looking for a responsive and innovative website that would help us tell the ORC success story. Built from the ground up, incorporating a simple, aesthetic look and feel, the site was to suit all screen sizes and browsers including mobile phones and tables. It needed to be reliable and functional, with a solid foundation that offered room for growth plus improvement to incorporate future products and services when required. A strong emphasis was placed on attracting new clients by thoughtfully marrying content and design, particularly highlighting the ORC product portfolio (imagery).

SGD: What was your experience like with the website design process?

Jana: The design process involved open communication (lots of discussions) as well as compromise. We had a steep learning curve in relation to different stakeholders and their preferences. It can be best described as a “learning partnership”.

SGD: How has the new website benefited your business?

Jana: The new website has received lots of positive feedback from our business partners and customers around the world. It helps our business representative on the road to coherently communicate the unique selling points of our products. Often they use the website to present the ORC product portfolio in customer meetings. The website is also used to address product enquires in the first instance and provide background information.

SGD: Has the new site seen a return on investment in terms of new enquiries, sales, or bookings? If you could give us some figures, that would be great.

Jana: Yes, it has. The visits to the website have more than doubled in the past six months. The first Google analytics report (11/2014) indicated 662 unique visits to the website. Last month’s reports (06/2015) showed 2362 unique visits. We also have a regular flow of product enquires coming in through the website.

SGD: What is the single biggest positive change you’ve seen in your business since launching the new website?

Jana: The website has had a major impact on establishing a consistent brand identity. Some of the company’s collateral has be modelled on the website.

SGD: What features do you like most about your new website?

Jana: Two things stick out: a) the responsive design (being able to showcase the website on different devices) and b) the product portfolio (visually showcasing the products).

SGD: How often do you update your site and what are your most frequent changes made? Is this process easy?

Jana: The updates themselves are quite easy. Unfortunately, we haven’t got a regular set schedule for updating the website yet. Most updates happen ad hoc when new products are announced or we plan to attend a particular event.

SGD: That’s understandable. Last question: what made you choose SGD? Would you recommend SGD to other members of your industry?

Jana: We chose SGD based on their fresh, innovative style and their competitive proposal. Yes, I would recommend SGD. In short: They have style. They are professional, reliable and fun to work with.

SGD: Thank you for taking the time to talk to us.

Jana: My pleasure!

Check back next week for another client interview and you’ll see that Jana’s experience is not unique among our clients. If your business could use a new website and/or a new brand, please drop us a line! The initial consultation is free, with no obligation. What do you have to lose?

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