Website Maintenance: Why It’s Important to Your Site’s Success?

May 29, 2020 — James Fulton

Website Maintenance: Why It’s Important to Your Site’s Success?

So you’ve just invested in a website for your company, everything is working flawlessly, and you’re already seeing a boost in traffic. This is an amazing accomplishment, but what many people don’t realize is that designing a website that’s easy to use and nice to look at is just one piece of the puzzle.

Website maintenance is the process of keeping the site well-maintained by regularly checking for issues and making improvements along the way. It’s an integral part of every site, and without it, your content becomes outdated, security starts lacking, and page rankings take a major hit.

Why Website Maintenance Is So Important

When a site hasn’t been properly maintained, a lot can go wrong. It just like maintaining a car; keeping up with regular maintenance like oil changes and tire rotations can save you from dealing with bigger problems in the future.

Not only will you be able to keep up with the constantly changing trends in design and technology, but investing in site maintenance actually might save you money in the long run. Just remember that it costs more to fix a site than to keep it maintained

But what you should be focusing on even more is the fact that a lot can go right when you take the necessary steps to maintain your site. This is especially true in terms of SEO, keeping your users engaged, and enhancing security.


Website maintenance and optimisation go hand-in-hand. Whether you’re optimising for a restaurant or an interior design agency, you need to realize that ranking high on search engines takes work. It’s not a one-and-done deal, it’s something that requires regular maintenance.

Imagine someone visits your site and quickly becomes frustrated with long load times and slow performance. The average internet user is extremely impatient, so chances are that person won’t wait around to see what your site can offer them.

Google takes this into consideration, which means your ranking will likely go down – all because of your site’s slow performance. Regular maintenance won’t only address problems like slow loading, but it also helps with staying up to date on things like keywords and current content.

User Engagement

Gaining the attention of your target audience is only half the battle. Once you’ve done that, you need to keep them engaged so that they keep coming back for more. Just like with optimisation, if you want to keep your site relevant and useful, this requires regular effort on your part.

Website Security

Keeping your site secure is probably the biggest benefit of focusing on regular maintenance, especially if you’re storing any kind of customer information. Staying on top of regular security software installations and updates keeps hackers at bay and prevents harmful data loss.

5 Best Practices for Site Maintenance

If you plan on maintaining a website yourself without any outside help, it’s a good idea to have a checklist – let’s call it a “Maintenance To-Do List”. Every Maintenance To-Do List should include these 5 steps for keeping the site performing at its best:

  1. Review Analytics: Regularly analyze site logistics, like where your visitors are coming from, which pages they’re viewing, and how long they’re staying on each page.
  2. Update Plug-Ins: If you’re using a hosting service like WordPress VIP or Wix, always stay on top of plug-in updates.
  3. Backup Data: The best way to ensure that your information stays safe and no data is lost is through regular backups (there are plenty of plug-ins for automated backups).
  4. Check Device Compatibility: Check your site regularly on a variety of devices (laptop, smartphone, tablet) and web browsers to make sure it’s compatible.
  5. Perform Speed Tests: Check the speed of each of your site’s pages on a regular basis – Google offers a free PageSpeed Insights Tool that’s great for this.

The main takeaway here is that no website can stay successful without putting in some work. Ignoring website maintenance can cause a lot of issues, ranging from lack of security to lower SEO rankings.

For more info on how to properly maintain your site, let us know – we’re here to help!

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