Client Interview Series: OMP Sports Management

October 14, 2015 — James Fulton

Client Interview Series: OMP Sports Management

If you browse our case studies and testimonials, you’ll notice that we strive to develop a true relationship with our clients during the process of branding and building their website. We also recognise the project as a significant financial investment from which the clients should be able to see tangible returns in the near future. And we work hard to sustain that ROI through our monthly maintenance plans. In short, we at SGD are all about our clients, so instead of telling you about them, we decided to let them speak to you themselves!

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be presenting a series of client interviews where we ask about why they chose SGD, what they like about their website and monthly plan and what changes they’ve seen since launch. In this installment, we’re talking to Neil McMullin, director of OMP Sports Management.

SGD: Why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself and your business?

Neil: OMP is a boutique sports management firm which provides not only contracts, but life management services to aspiring young AFL athletes and their parents. I played AFL myself for a few years before studying to become a paediatric surgeon. I also have a strong background in finance and investment. Since retiring from surgical practice, I’m focusing on helping young professionals and athletes develop their skills and character for the future.

SGD: Why did you start shopping for a web design company?

Neil: We felt that we had excellent staff at OMP, but that wasn’t translating online. We needed a whole change to our style and presentation, with uniformity across all media, including a new logo.

SGD: What were you looking for in a new website?

Neil: We wanted to establish OMP as a leader in the sports management industry and expand our business by attracting additional clients over the next couple of years. At the same time, we didn’t want to lose our boutique image and family-oriented atmosphere.

SGD: What was your experience like with the website design process?

Neil: It was great, very collaborative and enjoyable!

SGD: How has the new website benefited your business?

Neil: It enables us to be more confident in our market presence, and we believe it projects us as a mature business, enhancing our opportunities to sign new clients. The new site also coordinates our social media and makes it uniform and coherent across the various platforms.

SGD: Has the new website seen a return on investment in terms of new enquiries and contracts?

Neil: Thanks to Google Analytics, we now know who comes looking at us. It is interesting to see that we are being directed from the AFLPA quite a bit, which indicates that industry participants (media, clubs, competitors) are wanting to know about us.

SGD: What is the single biggest positive change you’ve seen in your business since launching the new website?

Neil: We have increased our client base, which was one of our key goals in getting a new website built.

SGD: What features do you like most about your new website?

Neil: Aside from the improved online presence, we like the opportunity to easily add new content, which we do fairly frequently.

SGD: How often do you update your site and what are your most frequent changes made? Is this process easy?

Neil: We make weekly updates, posting client news or adding/editing client bios.

SGD: Finally, what made you choose SGD? Would you recommend SGD to other members of your industry?

Neil: We sought a number of presentations from web designers and felt that SGD was our best bet. We have not been disappointed and would happily recommend SGD to our colleagues.

SGD: Thanks, Neil, we appreciate you taking some time out of your busy schedule.

Neil: My pleasure!

Check back next week for another client interview and you’ll see that Neil’s experience is not unique among our clients. If your business could use a new website and/or a new brand, please drop us a line! The initial consultation is free, with no obligation. What do you have to lose?

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