Benefits of Hiring a Digital Marketing Consultant for Online Business Success

January 17, 2024 — James Fulton

Digital Marketing Consultant for Online Business Success

Benefits of Hiring a Digital Marketing Consultant

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, the benefits of hiring a digital marketing consultant cannot be overstated.

Professionals such as SGD bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, providing businesses with the cutting-edge strategies they need to thrive in an increasingly competitive online marketplace. Whether it’s SEO, social media marketing, or email marketing, a seasoned digital marketing consultant can help you navigate these complex areas, improving your online presence and converting more leads into customers.

What Does a Digital Marketing Consultant Do?

When it comes to tasks like social media management, search engine optimisation, content planning, and PPC advertising, it’s wise to have a digital marketing consultant on your side.

The benefits of hiring a digital marketing consultant are manifold, including their ability to consistently track the ever-changing digital trends, devise robust strategies, and deliver a higher return on investment.

But what exactly does a digital marketing consultant do? What qualifications should you look for when hiring one? How can this type of consultant help your business succeed?

In this guide, we’ll explore the answers to these questions and more. Understanding the job duties, necessary qualifications, and expectations for hiring a digital marketing consultant can take your business to the next level. So let’s jump into it!

Why It’s Important to Hire a Digital Marketing Consultant

With rapid changes in modern technology, businesses have had to adapt and evolve, specifically when it comes to their marketing methods.

Nowadays, business owners no longer focus on billboards and newspaper ads to build brand awareness. Marketing is all about reaching the target audience through digital means and online technology.

If you want your business to succeed and surpass the competition, it’s all about building and strengthening your online digital presence. And hiring a digital marketing consultant can help.

This type of consultant knows exactly how to utilise the right tools and technologies to strengthen your online presence to reach your target audience.

Common Digital Marketing Consultant Job Duties

For a digital marketing consultant to be successful, he or she needs a well-rounded resume and the ability to perform a long list of job duties, including:

1. Consult on Digital Marketing Goals & Strategies

It goes without saying that a consultant’s first job is to, well, consult. In order for this type of professional to be successful, the consultation stage comes first.

During the consultation, a digital marketing expert will evaluate your current marketing efforts to determine what’s working and what isn’t. He or she will then build on the current plan – or change it altogether – to improve your company’s marketing strategy.

2. Develop New Digital Marketing Campaigns for Clients

With the ever-changing nature of digital marketing in the 21st century, your consultant needs to have the ability to adapt to new trends and new campaigns.

In some cases, your consultant will simply make updates and improvements to your current marketing campaigns. But there will be times when he or she implements a brand new campaign to get the ball rolling on acquiring leads and making conversions.

3. Utilise Search Engine Optimsation Tools

Client's SEO successful results form digital marketing

Many digital marketing consultants also refer to themselves as SEO specialists. SEO, short for search engine optimisation, allows businesses and their websites to appear at the top of the list on search engine results pages, or SERPs.

For most people, the best way to track down information is to do a quick Google search, and this is why it’s so important to develop a strong SEO strategy.

Any digital marketing consultant who’s worth hiring will have a vast knowledge of SEO and the tools and resources surrounding it. Seeing results from SEO can take a while, but your consultant knows the importance of this long-term investment.

4. Build on Brand Awareness

The best way to boost your conversion rate is to get the word out about your brand, and that’s why every company should focus on building brand awareness.

No matter how great your logo design may be or how often you post on your Instagram account, spreading the word about your company isn’t an easy task. Luckily, a digital marketing consultant can help to build brand awareness to increase your conversion rate.

5. Design Websites & Conduct Regular Maintenance

A well-designed website says a lot about your company. If it’s sloppy with difficult-to-navigate functions and slow-running pages, this isn’t a very good first impression for your potential customers.

On the other hand, a website that’s easy to use and nice to look at will attract customers, increase leads, and improve conversion rates. That’s why you should only hire a digital marketing consultant with experience in website design and maintenance.

6. Conduct PPC Advertising Campaigns

Investing in pay per click advertising (PPC) is a great way to get ahead of the competition.

Essentially, a PPC ad campaign allows businesses to place ads on SERPs, social media platforms, and other websites. You only have to pay when a user clicks on your ad, and in most cases, the pay-per-click cost is extremely affordable.

Unfortunately, it’s challenging to run a successful PPC campaign and see the results you’re striving for. For that reason, many business owners choose to hire a marketing consultants who understands the ins and outs of PPC marketing, like Google Adwords.

Google Adwords

7. Social Media Marketing

In the current digital age, integrating social media marketing into your business’s digital marketing strategy is not merely an option but a necessity for business growth. The latest trends indicate that businesses that effectively leverage social media marketing tend to thrive online, primarily because social media provides a platform to stay up to date with the demands and interests of the right audience. This engagement with the target market fuels more personalised and efficient marketing initiatives, which consequently propels the business towards its growth objectives.

8. Social Media Account Management

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are great for building brand awareness and reaching your audience, but you’ll need a consultant or specialist if you want to develop a social media strategy that works in your favour.

A proficient marketing consultant will have a versatile skill set that extends to social media account management. They will handle the intricacies of content creation, audience engagement, and data analysis on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They can curate content tailored to the specific audience of each platform, ensuring that it resonates with and engages the users, thereby driving more traffic towards your brand. Furthermore, an adept consultant can also analyse social media data to track the performance of marketing efforts, gaining insights into audience preferences and behaviours. These insights are subsequently used to refine marketing strategies, promote customer engagement and loyalty, and ultimately drive business growth.

Social Media Marketing

About SGD

SGD is an experienced digital marketing agency with a proven track record. With tailored strategies and innovative solutions, they have empowered numerous businesses to thrive in the digital landscape. Their solid understanding of SEO, PPC, social media, and other facets of digital marketing, coupled with a commitment to delivering measurable results, positions them as a trusted partner in your journey towards digital success. As an experienced agency in Australia, they provide strategic insight and tactical implementation to enhance your brand’s online visibility, engage your audience, and drive growth.

Digital Marketing Consultants working in Melbourne office


As you can see, a digital marketing consultant is responsible for a long list of tasks, ranging from simple copywriting jobs to complicated search engine optimisation duties. Before you hire the first digital marketing consultant you come across, think about your specific marketing goals.

Finding the right consultant with expertise in all digital arenas can show some seriously good results, so consider partnering with an agency that has all the tools, knowledge, and resources necessary for developing a strong marketing campaign.


Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here is a list of common questions and answers to help you on your way!

Have another question?


What is the main role of digital marketing consultants?

The main role of a digital marketing consultant is to consult on a company’s digital marketing strategies. This type of consultant specialises in developing, implementing, and monitoring a company’s marketing plan from start to finish.


What services can I expect from a digital marketing consultant?

Every digital marketing consultant is different, and each one offers different services. However, the best consultants offer a variety of services, including search engine optimisation, social media management, copywriting, website design, site maintenance, and PPC advertising.


How much will it cost to hire a digital marketing consultant?

The fees for hiring a digital marketing consultant range across the board depending on the consultant or agency’s experience, access to tools, and client success rates.


How long does it take to see results from a digital marketing campaign?

The timeframe to see results from a digital marketing campaign can vary greatly, depending on the strategies implemented. Some methods, like PPC advertising, can produce immediate results, while others, such as SEO, require a longer-term commitment and may take several months to show significant progress.


How can a digital marketing consultant help my company grow?

A digital marketing consultant can help your company grow by implementing effective marketing strategies tailored to your business. They can improve your online presence, generate more leads, and increase conversion rates by optimising your website and leveraging channels like social media, email marketing, and content marketing.


What should I look for when hiring a digital marketing consultant?

When hiring a digital marketing consultant, look for proven experience in your industry, an understanding of your business objectives, and a track record of demonstrated results. Additionally, the ability to communicate effectively and adapt to changes in digital trends is also valuable. Ensure they offer services that align with your specific marketing needs.

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