Our Web Design Process

We design custom WordPress websites that not only look great, but function as powerful marketing tools for our clients. Here's how we do it.

1. Digital Strategy

Before you build a website or launch a new digital marketing campaign, you need a clear strategy.

Why? So you don’t waste time and money building the wrong thing!

That’s where a Digital Strategy comes in. We’ll work with you and your team to define your ideal customer, analyse competitors, and identify opportunities for growth to guarantee that your website and digital marketing efforts generate consistent return on your investment.

Get started with a Digital Strategy Workshop.

2. Website Sitemap

Once we have all the information we need, we’ll create a visual map of the pages required to complete your website (called a sitemap).

This helps us get on the same page about what it is we’re trying to communicate and the best way to structure the information to attract and convert visitors on your website.

3. Prototyping

With a clear strategy and sitemap in place, we’ll then build a simple version of the website so you can see how it all works without any design elements.

This isn’t about attention to detail – it’s about getting the main features, structure and flow together so we’re on the same page.

We’ll save time and money getting it right at this stage before we get into the web design and final build.

4. Website Design

This is where we bring your website to life working within your brand guidelines and the digital strategy we mapped out at the start of this project.

We’ll design a professional website that will attract and rapidly build trust with your ideal audience so they’re more likely to engage with your content and do business with you.


5. Website Development

Once the web designs have been approved, we’ll get to work on coding it into a fully functional WordPress website.

We use our custom made Content Blocks theme so that your website is built specifically for your brand, is fast loading, and easy to edit on your own.

We’ll load the content and photos you provided into your website pages and bring the site to life.

If you do not have your content ready by this stage, don’t worry, you will be able to add it yourself after we’ve completed the development.

6. Go Live!

Finally, with your website built and your content added, we’ll perform quality assurance testing to make sure everything is functioning properly and looking great on mobiles, tablets and desktops.

We’ll then go live with your website so you can promote it to the world and use it as a foundation to fuel your business growth.

7. Website Support

We provide training resources so that you have total control over your website’s content while we support you with a website care plan to fit your needs.

Who better to keep things running smoothly than the team that designed your website to begin with?

View our WordPress Support Plans.

8. Digital Marketing

To get an ongoing return on your digital marketing investment, your business needs to be found by those that are searching for what you offer.

Our digital marketing team will perform ongoing improvements to your website in our SEO and Google Ads campaigns so you’re growing your leads and sales while increasing your competitive advantage.

View our Digital Marketing Growth Plans.

Want a website that helps your business grow?

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