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By James Fulton on September 5, 2018 | , ,

Take The Lead

Take The Lead With so many elements to your online marketing strategy you probably think you’ve got lead generation covered. Between Google Analytics, AdWords and your ecommerce efforts you are on the money! But there’s another piece of software out there that gives you the edge to close the deals you don’t know about –…
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Changing trends and new technology mean that there’s always something new to consider for your website. Deciding what to implement and what to ignore can be challenging at times; sometimes the latest and greatest trends are best left to fade away into obscurity. The homepage background video trend, however, is not one of those. Here’s…
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By James Fulton on January 20, 2015 |

1.5 Billion Breathtaking Pixels

As web designers we have to pay a lot of attention to pixel measurements in order to give elements their proper size and position on a webpage. But we usually only deal in hundreds of pixels, enough to fill the space of a browser window. Not so with designs of galactic proportions. On January 5, 2015…
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Back in September we reviewed the new features in WordPress 4.0, aka “Benny.” We admitted that while 4.0 wasn’t as big a step forward as 3.0, it still represented a significant improvement in the user interface. Today we’ll be looking at WordPress 4.1, which was released in December and is named after another jazz artist, Dinah…
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By James Fulton on December 11, 2014 | ,

7 Creative Ways to Use WordPress

As we discussed in a previous post, WordPress has evolved into much more than a blogging platform. In fact, it can be used as more than a content management system (CMS). The following themes and plugins demonstrate the various uses of WordPress. This list by no means exhausts all possibilities, but it should hopefully inspire…
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We are thrilled to announce that tonight one of our favourite clients, Applejack Hospitality Group, will be opening their fourth venue in 4 years: The Butler Sydney! As always, we’re honoured to do the website design and development for this fixture of Sydney’s social scene and night life. We can’t wait to get started! Applejack’s other venues include:…
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By James Fulton on November 22, 2014 | ,

Let Nibbler Test Your Website

Have you ever wondered how your website stacks up against competitors in terms of accessibility, SEO, social media and technology? Well, you can find out all this and more with a free online tool called Nibbler. Simply go the homepage, type in your URL and in a few minutes you’ll have a detailed website report showing your site’s…
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By James Fulton on September 24, 2014 |

Favourite Websites of 2014

At SGD we like to see web developers push the boundaries of both design and functionality. It’s what gets our blood pumping and inspires us to new heights! We think TIME Magazine did a really good job of finding the 50 Best Websites of 2014 and breaking each one down into how it works and what…
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By James Fulton on September 17, 2014 | , ,

SGD Review of WordPress 4.0

WordPress 4.0 has been available for about two weeks now and we have to say that, while it’s not a huge step forward like WordPress 3.0, it does represent an improvement on the previous version. First of all, it has an apt nickname: “Benny,” after jazz clarinetist and bandleader Benny Goodman, who introduced America to swing music and…
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