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By James Fulton on July 10, 2018 | ,

New Budget? New Website!

With the passing of the financial year, you’ve probably allocated your budget for the next. Or perhaps you’re still tinkering with your figures, and wondering where to place your money? Before you go dedicating ALL your dollars and cents, there’s one area in particular that we believe simply won’t fail you in terms of building…
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When it comes to developing websites, the most important question people ask themselves, is “who should I go with?”. And, while human nature tells us to acquire quotes and opt for the cheapest, it’s imperative that you find a situation that suits you best, for them to get the best results for you.
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If there is one thing you do for your digital business this year, make sure it’s on this list! Or better yet, adopt a few (or all!) of these online functions and enhance your digital strategy dramatically in 2018. It will be worth it! Stick to a digital comms plan Failing to plan, is planning to fail. Am…
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Are you ready for a Seriously Good Website Makeover in 2018? Because we sure are! Did you know that the average lifecycle of a website is approximately 3 years? It’s around this time that things start to feel a little stale in terms of design trends, functionality, fonts and colours. Think you’re ready for a make-over?…
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While the main foundations of search engine optimisation (SEO) have remained the same over time i.e. it’s all about your site and how it ranks in search engines – there have been a mountain of updates and trends which influence your ranking, some of which are influenced by you, your content, consumer trends, and ofcourse…
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By James Fulton on September 26, 2017 | ,

Website Maintenance Programs: Do I need one?

Have you launched a new website… and, feeling overwhelmed with the upkeep? Or, perhaps you’re wondering who to call if your site crashes, or gets hacked? It can be a really daunting responsibility. This also applies to those in the market for a new website. You will no doubt want a team to call when they…
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You like your site, and it serves a purpose to your business – great! But do you LOVE it? Could it do with a few updates and additions? According to those in tech-land (a real place, you guys), the general life-cycle of a website is three years. This means, every three years, your site could do with…
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