Keep Your Business Running: Online

March 23, 2020 — James Fulton

Keep Your Business Running: Online

Hey there, James from SGD here.

With self-isolation in full effect, you’ve likely found yourself in an unknown time of business. Like so many of us, small businesses will feel the brunt of slowing patronage as Australians adjust to a new way of life over the coming months. Here at SGD we are dedicated to supporting our clients – first and foremost. It’s our goal to ride this out together and to celebrate (that we did our best in testing circumstances) on the other side.

The shift towards online learning, shopping and socialising will continue on long after this epidemic is over – we are truly trialling a new way of life, and that’s of a digital kind! To help you turn a negative into a positive, now is the time to focus on the digital component of your business.

When it comes to your business, there are a number of ways in which you can enhance your digital presence, offerings and communication.

Here are 5 easy ways to better your online services:

1. Email Marketing

Now is the time to inform your clients and customers of your circumstances. Let your clients and potential future clients know that you are dedicated to your business and that you will continue (in some capacity) to service the community as best you can in a virtual format. Communication is key for creating trust, transparency and comfort in times of uncertainty.

Email marketing platforms can be set-up with templates to provide you with complete control over your messaging, visuals and schedules. No IT support or website support necessary.

2. Social Media

In a time where we are socially distant physically, social media has never been more important. Social media is proving vital for virus updates, breaking news, and for reminding us that digital business continue as normal for so many. Utilise social media to stay connected, educate people of your services, and discuss how you can help them right now and in the future. You can still work on your brand awareness despite the impending lockdown.

If your website does not yet have social media integration, get onto it!

3. Blog

Have you been meaning to start or add to your blog but haven’t had the time? Oh, the irony. Well now is the time to get creative and map out a blogging schedule to keep you busy, motivated, focused on your business, and to provide you with sharable content. Adding a blog to your existing website is fairly straight forward and provides you with a direct, unfiltered communication platform for casual conversation.

4. WhatsApp Chat Widget

A live chat app is an easy way to stay connected with customers old and new. Answer questions on the fly (or from your loungeroom more likely) at the touch of a button. Staying productive is important when you feel unmotivated and those enquiries may just keep you going.

The WhatsApp Chat Widget will pop up on your website and alert you of the conversation on your phone, so you never miss an opportunity to connect with a customer.

5. Online Booking Forms

For those in the hospitality business these are particularly hard times, and we feel for you as many of you have been forced to close or adapt your services. With this lockdown, it may also be a time to embrace trends and implement tools which will benefit your business in the long run. When you reopen, ensure your business can run as well and as profitable as possible. Online booking tools not only streamline your administration tasks saving your staff time, they encourage bookings.


If you’re looking to move your business online, enhance your digital presence, or stay motivated during self-isolation, let’s chat. There’s no time like the present! We strongly believe that being pro-active and using this time to our advantage is the way forward.

As for us here at SGD, we are highly experienced in working remotely. While based right here in Melbourne, we connect with clients Australia-wide as our norm. This will continue as we aim to help clients old and new adapt to an online way of business.

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James Fulton

Since founding the company in 2012, James has been the driving force behind SGD's success. As a visionary leader, he guides the SGD team, encouraging them to continually excel in digital design. James inspires a culture of growth, challenging each team member to surpass their own limits and set new standards in the field. This commitment to excellence not only propels personal development but also ensures SGD consistently delivers exceptional results for its clients.

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