Five Seriously Good Reasons We Use WordPress

May 8, 2014 — James Fulton

Five Seriously Good Reasons We Use WordPress

We here at SGD love to spruik the ideals of Wordpress, the amazing incredible open source blogging tool that powers 17% of the web already and rising.  The story doesn’t stop with blog installation. It comes with plenty of new features and options that allow an incredible amount of flexibility, everything from simple websites, blogs, to complex portals and even applications. With a wonderful content management system and easy to use framework, WordPress is the most common product business’ use for their online content. And here’s why.

Open Source

Everything to do with WordPress is open source. Developers on the database are constantly updating the functionalities and features of the site such as Post, Galleries, Trash Boxes, Plugins and everything in-between. This means the whole industry is working to a set of requirements and trends for all possible systems such as CSS, MySQL, PHP and the rest. The most important aspect of the open source content is there are so many developers out there working on the process that bugs and errors are picked up quick and immediately fixed.

Great Content Management

The content management system involved in WordPress allows for the easy creation of web pages and, when required, a simple way to update web pages. Adding pictures, events and content to your website becomes a quick and efficient process, saving both time and money. The ease with updating WordPress means the client can access and update their own site as easily as if they were using Microsoft word.

Search Engine Optimisation friendly

There is no benefit to having superb content if you’re not generating the traffic to view it. To make certain that people arrive at your site when searching for specific content you have to optimize your site and make sure it is search engine friendly. The most used search engine in the world is Google and it tends to search through WordPress sites a lot and therefore many of the sites using WordPress tend to rank highly in the results. This is because WordPress sites are often updated/have new content as they are so easy to use.  Search engines like to see fresh content and will opt for regularly updated sites and with 409 million people viewing 14.7 Billion pages every month plus 44.5 million new posts and 56.7 million new comments a month Wordpress is constantly updating. WordPress also allows for inbound links, track-backs, submitted comment and ping our content, which all improve the page rank and therefore increase page traffic.

Media Support

A website is far more appealing when it is customised and uses media content.  These could be anything from pictures, flash, slide shows, videos or embedded audio. WordPress makes the inclusion of this media simple and has amazing support for it. And its not just limited to media files but can include Google maps, Google calendar and Google docs ect… to give the site a very sleek, attractive and professional look.

Improved Security

The world is full of dangerous people who love to steal personal information. WordPress uses advanced core coding and plugins (plugins are small add-on programs to enhance the capabilities of the site), which would suggest that it is more open to hackers. But the opposite is in fact true. Having seriously good people set up your website your site can be all but hacker-proof. This is because we can use a process to “hardening” a WordPress installation. Protecting your website is one of the most important processes when setting up any webpage and using WordPress makes security a breeze.

We at SGD take our WordPress sites seriously. It gives us the ability to meet our client’s needs with far more ease and efficiency. It also allows for a simple cross over in creativity between us and our clients who can have far more control and management of the content over the lifetime of the website saving both time and money.

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