Key Elements to an Effective E-Commerce Product Page

March 5, 2015 — Simon Kelly

Best elements to an effective E- commerece product page

The product pages on your shop are your key selling points for your products and should be treated as if they are the first and last place that you can sell to your customer.

Think about the information someone needs to make a decision to purchase not only the product, but from you.

How much is shipping? What size is it? Will it fit me? Will it affect my allergies? Is the checkout secure? Can I get a discount? What other products work well with this one? Think about what other questions your customer might ask and be sure to answer these on your product pages.

This is your chance to make a pleasurable shopping experience for your customers and to increase your revenue.

The below infographic shows the 21 key elements that should be on every one of your product pages.

How to Create Effective E-commerce Product Pages

Infographic by- Invesp

Here’s the list is a more copy-paste friendly format:

  1. High quality product images
  2. Highlight discounts
  3. Product zoom feature
  4. Multiple view images of single products
  5. Product demo videos
  6. User-friendly navigation
  7. Have a clear call to action
  8. Product search function
  9. Create killer product copy
  10. Free shipping
  11. User friendly fonts when creation of website (also called as creation de site web)
  12. Use emotional triggers
  13. Offer product customisation when possible
  14. Consumer reviews
  15. Show similar products
  16. Social media buttons
  17. Email a friend button
  18. Live chat feature
  19. Maximise trust factor
  20. Building customer confidence
  21. Remove unnecessary elements
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