Small Agency, BIG Results

June 7, 2018 — James Fulton

Small Agency, BIG Results

When it comes to developing websites, the most important question people ask themselves, is “which agency should I go with?”. And, while human nature tells us to acquire quotes and opt for the cheapest, it’s imperative that you find an agency that suits you best, for them to get the best results for you.

So, when deciding on who should develop your website and your digital persona, does agency size matter?

Our answer is a simple one. You need a custom fit for a custom job. There’s no one size fits all, however there are some positives that come with hiring a smaller agency.

Here’s our take on when to go SMALL

1. You have a small-ish budget

Smaller digital agencies can create great websites for a lesser price. Full stop. Why, you ask? This is generally due to less overheads, engaging with freelancers rather than full-time staff, and working remotely or from home.

Smaller agencies work fast, as in, they don’t work on projects for longer than necessary. One thing we offer here at SGD, is a quick turnaround. We can turn a profile on a small website starting from $5k in a couple of weeks. This is all thanks to a well refined process.

Lastly, our biggest budget saver is our Content Management System (CMS), the backend of your website where the magic happens. While bespoke websites are a specialty of ours, we are also the masters of WordPress, which is a free CMS. WordPress allows for plugins and extensions which can achieve out of the box functions and features, but with lower costs.

2. You are a small company, with big ideas

We love working with smaller clients. For example, our best clients are independent bars and restaurants. These clients typically have a small budget, so they are drawn to a smaller agency. This doesn’t mean their goals are small however, in fact, these are the sites that exude the most flare and originality. Our team works together to make them stand-out, function well, and provide a service to the business to ensure they get a return on their digital investment.

Here at SGD, we thoroughly enjoy working with clients like this as we can relate. We can relate in a sense of budget, timelines, and we can be nimbler, allowing us to pivot the direction of the small business quickly. We are the go-to agency for smaller companies because we get it.

3. You want to work WITH an agency 

Team work makes the dream work, am I right? While some clients want to hand the hard stuff over to the experts, smaller agencies may offer more opportunities for you to be involved in the creative process meaning fewer changes later in the game.

Engaging with a tight-knit community of experienced freelancers, we generally work closer with designers and developers. We enjoy working with clients that let us flex our creative muscles and we incorporate their feedback every step of the way. This way we provide regular updates throughout the process to ensure we are all happy with the end result. The open lines of communication also ensure that we get to the end result quickly. Win-win!

There are plenty of  more reasons why we believe smaller agencies have what it takes to get the big results, and our portfolio and testimonials are testaments to this. If you have the time, please take a look.

If you are ready to get started on your website, get in touch today. We are ready when you are!

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James Fulton

Since founding the company in 2012, James has been the driving force behind SGD's success. As a visionary leader, he guides the SGD team, encouraging them to continually excel in digital design. James inspires a culture of growth, challenging each team member to surpass their own limits and set new standards in the field. This commitment to excellence not only propels personal development but also ensures SGD consistently delivers exceptional results for its clients.

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