Why Do Websites Need Maintenance?

June 14, 2021 — James Fulton

Why Do Websites Need Maintenance?

You may think that once you are done with the initial website design, you can part ways with your designer, close the HTML code, and be done with that task. However, all websites, including WordPress websites, need regular maintenance.

Website maintenance ensures that your visitors will find a site that is functional, communicative, and easy to look at. A quality website retains the attention of your audience and can even generate plenty of user leads.

Regular maintenance of your site is a necessary task that will help you stay ahead of your competitors and build lasting relationships with your customers. Here are a few reasons why it is important.

Keep up with Updates

The technology your website relies on is constantly updating. Popular browsers, such as Google Chrome and Safari, come out with new updates that change the appearance and functionality of websites. Cell phone technology is also evolving, and newer models have different web browsers that can alter the appearance of mobile sites.

Regularly tweaking your website design to keep up with the latest developments in browser technology will make your site stand out compared to ones made by competitors. It will also prevent you from getting hurt by an update. Sometimes, new updates can make your website inaccessible, but you can combat that with regular maintenance.

Remove Obsolete Plug-ins

For over a decade, many graphics, videos, and games relied on Adobe Flash Player to function. When Adobe discontinued the plug-in in late 2020, many graphics stopped working or displayed an error message. This affected countless sites, including WordPress websites.

It is almost impossible to avoid relying on third-party plug-ins or platforms when building a website, which also means that you are vulnerable if they decide to discontinue their product. Regularly checking your website and scheduling maintenance will allow you to catch any defunct plug-ins and replace them.

Stay on Top of SEO

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, allows small businesses to reach a new audience by landing their websites at the top of search engine results pages. Many factors determine your website’s SEO ranking, including the recency of your posts. Frequently updating your website with blog posts and updates will boost it to the top of the rankings.

Technical SEO is another important component of your website’s ratings. Search engine robots reward fully functional websites and bump down sites that may have broken links, dysfunctional plug-ins, or other technical issues. Regular website maintenance will help you catch and repair these errors in time, which will make for a smoother browsing experience for your customers and boost your SEO ranking.

Follow Modern Design Trends

A few years ago, few people outside of those deeply involved in website design knew about UX design. Now, many customers expect a streamlined website experience that follows UX/UI principles to make the user experience as easy as possible. If your site does not follow the latest principles on visual appeal and usability, customers may wonder about your dedication to your business or the reliability of your products.

Regularly updating your website ensures that you will keep up with usability trends and catch any errors that can stop visitors’ progress through your site. Regular updates will also help you keep up with other design trends while maintaining your own unique visual identity.

Do not let go of your website designer once your site is officially launched. You will need their help to conduct regular maintenance that ensures all technical aspects of your site are working, maintains your website’s compatibility with browsers, and follows modern design trends. Some investment into your website can generate repeat customers and user leads without too much effort on your part.

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