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Positive Practice


About the Client

Positive Practice provides services to businesses in the health and wellness industry. Positive Practice are at the forefront of innovation and are proud leaders in their industry. Their existing website (built by SGD several years ago) needed to illustrate the changes and growth that have occurred in their business – to show just how far they’ve come. They also sought a fresh image and required many functionality upgrades.

About the project

The team at Positive Practice were looking to upgrade their existing SGD site. Consistency was important to them in terms of their content, both on and offline, as they propel their brand forward as a leader in the healthcare industry.

Their key initiative, aside from upgrading functionality and design, was to shift their focus Australia-wide, rather than just focusing on South Australia – a huge move for them. We were happy to facilitate this exciting new development in growth and provide them with a fully functional website that serves its purpose to existing clients, and also attracts and retains information for new clients, nationally.



SGD and Positive Practice agreed on the following:

The site must:

  • Increase traffic to attract 50+ unique visitors per day
  • Showcase their talented team of experts
  • Secure incoming leads and their details
  • Feature an easily updated blog and news section
  • Feature email marketing capabilities.

To complement this, the team at Positive Practice stressed that the site must be easy to use, navigate, and work in a seamless fashion to avoid drop-offs. The content must also be consistent across both mobile and desktop devices to suit their diverse audience.

Rather than editing their existing site, SGD redesigned the site from the ground up. We focused on creating a visually engaging, user-centric brand-new site, based on a creative custom design. We did all of this while respecting their existing brand and maintaining those familiarities for their existing users.

Added extras included: Featured case studies, prominent search engine ranking for targeted keywords (SEO), high speed page loading, anti-spam features on contact forms, monthly web hosting services, as well as video tutorials for them to easily navigate their Content Management System and update content – such as their blog.

What We Did

Digital Strategy
Graphic design
Social Media
Website Design


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