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About the client

Peter Drofenik, proprietor of Drof Design is a master welder and blacksmith by trade.  In addition, Peter also teaches welding classes, is a boat builder and holds a dual degree in both Physics and Education.  As a master welder and artisan, he has had many years of personal experience in residential renovations, commercial fit outs, and commissioned pieces.

About the project

When Drof Design contacted us to create a brand and digital space for them we were pumped. Their craftmanship and unique designs really spoke to us, and we instantly visualised creating something sleek and chic for their brand.

The goal was to create something that really embodied the essence of their craftmanship. Their product is expertly designed and engineered, so we matched this with a website created on the same basis.


Their website needed to serve two main purposes.

  • To showcase the new Drof Design branding and completed projects
  • To encourage contact and enquiries.

To fulfil the brief we got to know the brand first, and discovered the history behind these amazing installations and designs. Each project is approached with tailored ideas and perfect finishes. In terms of branding we chose to create a logo that embodied their steelwork and utilised natural colours to represent their industrial aesthetic.
To showcase their designs, we decided to feature a variety of projects with images as well as a brief description of what Drof was responsible for within the build.

The team at Drof is able to add to their portfolio whenever they please, as well as adding text to support any portfolio additions. This means whenever they complete another stunning project, it can go straight onto their site.

Behind the scenes SGD has managed the hosting, SEO, and more. The team at Drof Design are happy with their website, and so are we. Thank you for choosing SGD!


Services Include

Digital Strategy
Graphic design
Scrolling Site
Website Design

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