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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Agency locally based in Hawthorn

SEO and PPC Strategy

We all want our websites listed on the first page of Google, right? This is the goal behind a SEO and PPC strategy – to work with the Google algorithm. Let us explain this further.

Once we’ve developed your website, we want to make sure it gets seen by the right people. It’s this reason that we believe a successful website is one that is supported with strategies such as SEO and PPC Advertising.

PPC: PPC stands for “pay per click” advertising. Google AdWords is an advertising platform designed to position your ads in the Google Search Result Pages, Google Products and to thousands of other websites that participate in the AdWords program. This platform is the most popular PPC Advertising tool and is therefore favoured by SGD SEO strategists.

SEO: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and its sole purpose is to help rank your site in the search engine results pages of Google, Yahoo, and Bing. In order to achieve that, you need to make sure that your website is search engine friendly.

SEO is crucial for your website to achieve those desirable high rankings. Enhanced SEO services from SGD include: SEO optimisation on site launch, keyword research, on page SEO website development, Google Page Speed Insight Tests, Performance Optimisation, Off Page link building, Social Media integration, and Google Business implantation. These are the individual elements that create the SEO strategy implemented by us. Read more about our SEO services here.

But there is an entire marketing strategy that feeds into and fuels this strategy and this includes the following items:

The Key Services that SGD can implement to boost your strategy include:

SEO strategies

We ensure that all SEO elements are active when it comes to your content pages, blogs, and e-newsletters. This means we apply meta descriptions, alt tags, and SEO titles to your published content. These items make a huge impact to your visibility and google ranking.

Throughout your content, we will ensure that the relevant keywords are used to ensure your content is found by people who are looking for your services. We will also include the relevant inbound and outbound links to further boost your visibility.

PPC (pay per click advertising)

Launching a successful PPC campaign can be overwhelming. That’s why we provide this as a SEO service. Referred to as “pay per click advertising”, PPC focuses on targeted advertising where you will be charged a fee each time a client is lead to your page via their advertisement. Search engine advertising, for example, advertising your page via Google, is the most popular form of PPC. When we set up your PPC campaign, we will focus on writing better Advertising copy for your campaigns as well as creating powerful and relevant call to actions within your marketing content.

Social Media

Social Media is a powerful SEO tool. Setting up the appropriate social media platforms and linking them to your site is vital for optimum SEO. The more clicks your site receives, the more trusted the content is perceived by Google, therefore being pushed higher by the Google algorithm. Social media linking within your site is also highly beneficial as the inbound and outbound linking complement each other in terms of SEO.

Email Marketing / e-newsletters

Ecommerce is vital for your digital marketing strategy as it builds your database, encourages sales, and therefore traffic to your website. This is where it impacts your SEO ranking. By encouraging engagement, site visits, and link building within your site, your SEO is therefore affected. It isn’t necessarily a direct link, however the evidence is there that by linking back to your site and blog from your e-newsletter you will continue to support your SEO strategy. We offer full circle ecommerce solutions which include the use of an easily implemented e-newsletter system which will allow you to edit a custom-designed template to publish your own e-newsletters. The platform is easy to use and highly affective as part of your digital marketing strategy and can be linked with automation and email funnels.

Blogging (Copywriting)

One of the first things we recommend to clients wanting to boost their SEO ranking is to add a blog to their site. A blog provides you with the opportunity to post more content which in turn provides you with more opportunities to be indexed by Google. The more content you publish, the more keywords and SEO titles available to be selected by the Google algorithm. WordPress blogs are easy to update and are the go-to blog for many of our clients – and yep, we use them too! We love the option for adding plugins to help with SEO, readability, and all those other things that might help you penetrate your market and rank well in Google.

PPC Advertising and SEO strategies are the most powerful tools in terms of driving website traffic and search engine marketing. We believe that they work best together as they work in very different ways:

As your dedicated creative team, we will work with you throughout the duration of the project and beyond. We will provide you with a website that is search engine friendly and leave you with the tools to maintain this as you continue to publish content on your site. Should you require further assistance in regard to driving traffic and search engine ranking we can provide you with the services as you require them.

Our in-house SEO expert will provide you with the following:

  • Content assessment
  • Key word utilisation
  • Image optimisation
  • As well as all testing phases.

Our goal will be to increase your search ranking, and hopefully outrank your competitors. In addition to this, a professional AdWords strategy will help to elevate these efforts further.

SGD focuses on developing fully customisable websites which are operated by highly customisable, and top performing, WordPress Content Management Systems. This allows us to achieve outstanding websites and ecommerce goals for our clients.

Why Digital Marketing?

Did you know Digital Marketing is the fastest way to gain brand recognition with a direct link to online sales? A Digital Marketing Strategy can elevate your business in the way of content creation and distribution, SEO exercises, social media support and more. The key is in the strategy execution.

SGD Digital Marketing Services:

Help you set-up a sophisticated digital marketing strategy which focuses on core content distributed by your business.

Ensure that all SEO elements are active when it comes to your content pages, blogs, and e-newsletters.

Provide full circle ecommerce solutions which include the use of an easily implemented e-newsletter system.

Our Digital Marketing Services Include

Digital Marketing
Search Engine Optimisation
Pay Per Click Advertising
Social Media Marketing
Email Funnels
Digital Marketing Hawthorn
Digital Marketing Hawthorn

See some examples of our campaigns:

Located in Hawthorn, Victoria, we have the in-house skills to cover your digital needs from design to development and beyond.

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Using best design practices, we'll create a website for you that truly reflects your brand, works on mobile and caters for your audience so they'll keep coming back for more.
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Digital Marketing

Your website won't accomplish much unless you market it. We'll be on hand throughout the whole process to help you get the word out through social media, SEO and eNewsletters.
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Our SEO Plans are tried and tested and save you time and money in the long run. By creating genuine, original content, we help you get to the first page of Google faster and more effectively.
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SGD hosting is cloud based, which is the most secure and reliable hosting available. Our hosting is lightening fast, secure and will back up your site twice daily.
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