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Sterling Grange is a forward-thinking financial advisory firm based in Australia. Their mission is to empower individuals to attain financial prosperity through personalised investment strategies.

Their unique approach involves a comprehensive analysis of each client’s financial situation, enabling them to deliver superior financial strategies that lead to the desired financial freedom.

Sterling Grange recognised the need to revamp their brand and elevate their online presence to better engage with existing clients and attract new ones. For this task, Sterling Grange partnered with SGD for a website redesign and search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy with the aim of improving its website’s visual appeal and functionality to increase bookings and drive more sales.

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About the Project

SGD worked closely with Sterling Grange to create a visually stunning website that was both user-friendly and engaging.

The new website needed to

  • Express the brand’s unique values and mission
  • Showcase Sterling Grange’s portfolio of services
  • Improve the user experience with interactive features
  • Have an easy way for users to contact and book appointments with consultants.

Our Solution

SGD developed a modern website that showcased the brand’s values and mission while also giving potential customers a clear understanding of their services. SGD worked closely with the client to ensure that their brand voice was captured accurately and communicated effectively throughout the website. The following steps were executed:

  1. Discovery Phase: SGD talked with Sterling Grange to understand their goals, target audience, and specific requirements. These insights shaped the project’s strategic direction.
  2. Strategic Planning: Using the gathered insights, SGD devised a strategy for website redesign and development. The strategy prioritised user experience, modern design, and effective communication of Sterling Grange’s mission.
  3. Design and Development: Leveraging their expertise, SGD’s design and development team created a cutting-edge website. It combined captivating visuals, user-friendly navigation, and responsive layouts, ensuring optimal viewing across devices.
  4. Content Integration: Collaborating closely with Sterling Grange, SGD curated and optimised website content. The focus was on articulating services, investment approaches, and easy booking procedures. Engaging content and compelling visuals were used to instil trust and drive action.
  5. User Testing: Rigorous testing was conducted across various browsers and devices to guarantee a seamless user experience before the site’s launch.
  6. Launch and Optimisation: Following Sterling Grange’s approval, the new website was launched, marking a pivotal moment in their online journey. SGD continued to monitor site performance, making refinements for peak functionality and performance.
  7. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): During the website build, SGD ensured content adhered to SEO best practice and were optimised for targeted keywords. This enabled Sterling Grange to reach their target audience and gain organic traffic. Moreso, SGD continues to optimise content, refine keyword targeting and track performance, and to ensure constant improvement.


The partnership between Sterling Grange and SGD yielded remarkable results:

  • Enhanced User Experience: The revamped website’s intuitive design and navigation significantly improved user experience, making it easier for visitors to find information and book consultations.
  • Increased Online Visibility: SEO enhancements increased Sterling Grange’s online visibility and are expected to attract a more substantial volume of organic traffic.
  • Brand Transformation: Sterling Grange’s brand was rejuvenated online, reflecting its commitment to financial empowerment and superior service.

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