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SmartCrete is an independent Cooperative Research Centre (CRC), is dedicated to fostering innovation collaborations that drive the transformation of concrete for a more sustainable future in Australia.

Their mission required a dynamic online platform that not only highlighted their expertise and initiatives but also facilitated seamless interaction with research partners and stakeholders.

SmartCrete needed a website that would make it easier for potential partners to find information about their business.

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About the Project

Recognising the need for a robust digital presence to effectively communicate their groundbreaking work and make new partnerships, SmartCrete engaged SGD with a goal of building an interactive website.

The challenge encompassed multiple facets: improving user experience, boosting online visibility, enabling easy access to information, and ultimately driving engagement.

The ideal website would be easy to use, accessible on all devices, and have a visually pleasing design that would encourage site visitors to stay longer and explore further.

Our Solution

As a digital agency renowned for its client-centric approach and expertise in crafting tailored websites, SGD embraced the SmartCrete project with a strategic methodology. The following steps were taken:

  1. Discovery. Collaboration with SmartCrete to understand the scope of their mission and business goals helped SGD develop a comprehensive plan for the website build.
  2. Design. SGD’s experienced team of designers worked closely with SmartCrete to create an intuitive user interface and visually appealing website that was in line with the company‚Äôs brand identity.
  3. Development. Our developers then built a robust website using the latest technologies, ensuring optimal performance across all devices and platforms.
  4. SEO Optimisation. SEO was an essential part of the strategy. SGD optimised keywords to help boost SmartCrete’s organic online visibility and reach a wider audience.
  5. Testing. After development, our team conducted extensive testing on all aspects of the website to ensure its functionality met user expectations.


The collaboration between SmartCrete and SGD yielded a transformative online platform that resonated with the organisation’s commitment to sustainable innovation. The outcomes included:

  • Elevated Online Presence: The new website effectively communicated SmartCrete’s mission and helped improve online visibility within their industry and stakeholder circles.
  • Enhanced User Engagement: The interactive design and optimised content will effectively capture users’ attention, leading to longer engagement periods and increased exploration of SmartCrete’s initiatives.
  • Facilitated Stakeholder Interaction: The revamped website provides a seamless interface for stakeholders, partners, and potential clients to engage with SmartCrete, fostering collaboration and growth.
  • Driving Sales and Impact: Through clear communication of their achievements and ongoing projects, SmartCrete attracts interest from potential clients and contributors, translating into increased opportunities for sustainable impact.

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