Leichhardt Out Of School Hours (LOOSH)

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Leichhardt Out Of School Hours (LOOSH) is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to offering top-notch out-of-school hours care for school-age children within the community.

Their commitment to delivering a safe and nurturing environment with quality care required an online platform that effectively communicated their values, services, and information to parents and caregivers seeking reliable childcare options.

LOOSH needed a website that would make the process of finding out-of-school hours care easier and more efficient for their target customers.

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About the Project

LOOSH approached SGD, seeking a custom website that could deliver an easy user experience and help promote its services to the community.
The website needed to be modern and responsive – to better engage with parents, inform them about their services and encourage enrollment.

Our Solution

As a digital agency renowned for its expertise in tailored website development, SGD embraced the challenge with a client-centric approach. The goal was to create an intuitive, visually appealing, and informative website that aligned with LOOSH’s core values. The following steps were taken:

  1. Discovery Phase: SGD conducted in-depth consultations with LOOSH to understand their goals, target audience, and specific requirements. Insights from these discussions formed the foundation of the project’s strategy.
  2. Strategic Planning: Based on the gathered insights, SGD formulated a comprehensive plan for website redesign and development. The plan prioritised user experience, responsive design, and effective communication of LOOSH’s mission.
  3. Design¬†and Development: Leveraging their expertise, SGD’s design and development team crafted a modern website that combined vibrant visuals, user-friendly navigation, and responsive layouts. The site’s architecture was optimised to ensure easy access to essential information.
  4. Content Integration: SGD collaborated with LOOSH to curate and optimise website content. The focus was on presenting services, programs, and enrollment details clearly. Engaging copy and compelling visuals were employed to evoke trust and enthusiasm among visitors.
  5. User Testing: Before launch, SGD rigorously tested the website across various devices and browsers to ensure seamless functionality and a consistent user experience.
  6. Launch and Optimisationoptimise: Upon LOOSH’s approval, the new website was launched, marking a significant milestone in the organisation’s online journey. SGD continued to monitor the site’s performance, making minor adjustments for optimal functionality and performance.

Results and Impact

The collaboration between LOOSH and SGD resulted in a transformative digital presence. The new website effectively communicated LOOSH’s values, services, and enrollment information to parents and caregivers. Key outcomes included:

  • Enhanced User Experience: The intuitive navigation and engaging design improved user experience, making it easier for visitors to access relevant information.
  • Increased Online Visibility: The redesigned website’s search engine optimisation (SEO) features boosted LOOSH’s online visibility and is expected to keep attracting more organic traffic.
  • Improved Engagement: The clear presentation of services, programs, and contact information will lead to a growing engagement from parents interested in LOOSH’s offerings.

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