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OneVentures, a prominent Australian venture capital firm with a portfolio exceeding $700 million in Funds Under Management (FUM), is dedicated to empowering tech and tech-enabled companies through equity and credit funding and equity financing for healthcare companies.

OneVentures needed to transform its digital presence to align with its industry leadership and support its business goals. To achieve this, OneVentures partnered with SGD.

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About the Project

OneVentures and SGD worked together to develop a custom website that showcased the company’s portfolio, position in the Australian venture capital market and commitment to its clients.

The ideal website should be modern and professional, with an easy-to-navigate interface that allows customers to find information quickly. SGD worked closely with OneVentures to ensure the website was tailored to their business needs while displaying a unique brand identity.

The design of the website is user-centric, which means that all content has been carefully crafted in order to meet customer expectations. The website features a portfolio section that showcases the impressive list of companies OneVentures has invested in, as well as information about their investment process and team.

Our Solution

Drawing from their deep understanding of effective digital strategies, SGD embraced OneVentures’ challenge with a tailored approach to website redesign and development:

  1. Discovery Phase: Collaborative consultations were held to comprehend OneVentures’ unique objectives, target audience, and specific requirements. These insights formed the foundation of the project’s strategic direction.
  2. Prototyping: A layout and visual styling was then developed to give customers the best user experience possible, with an intuitive interface and easy navigation.
  3. Design¬†and Development: SGD’s design and development team crafted a sophisticated website that seamlessly integrated aesthetics and functionality. The site’s architecture was optimised for easy navigation and swift access to crucial information.
  4. User-Centric Testing: Rigorous testing across devices and platforms was conducted to ensure the website’s responsiveness and optimal user experience.
  5. Launch and Iteration: With OneVentures’ approval, the new website was launched, marking a pivotal step in their digital transformation. SGD remained attentive to performance and user feedback, making iterative improvements for continuous enhancement.


The collaborative effort between OneVentures and SGD yielded significant outcomes that bolstered the firm’s online presence and sales potential:

  • Revamped User Experience: The intuitive design and easy navigation improved visitor engagement, enabling seamless exploration of investment opportunities.
  • Amplified Online Visibility: The website’s improved SEO features heightened OneVentures’ online visibility, attracting targeted traffic and potential partners.
  • Enhanced Partner Engagement: Clear presentation of investment strategies and portfolio success stories facilitated increased engagement from potential partners seeking collaborative opportunities.
  • Business Growth: The revamped website served as a powerful sales tool, contributing to OneVentures’ growth by effectively showcasing their expertise and attracting quality partnerships.

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