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Deckhouse is a part of the Dedes Waterfront Group and offers a wealth of experience in providing excellent guest catering.

Deckhouse needed website redesign and development services from SGD to help them improve their online presence, letting potential customers easily find information about their business and boost sales and reservations.

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About the Project

Deckhouse recognised the need to establish a stronger online presence that showcased its unique waterfront venue and effectively conveyed the Dedes Waterfront Group’s commitment to excellence in guest catering.

There was a crucial need to redesign the website to reflect the brand’s values, drive engagement, and ultimately boost sales and reservations.

The ideal website would provide an inviting atmosphere, making it easy to confidently explore the venue’s offerings and book. SGD was hired to design and develop a professional website solution that would meet these needs as well as amplify the Deckhouse brand message.

Our Solution

SGD embraced the challenge with a clear focus on tailoring a website that aligned with Deckhouse’s and Dedes Waterfront Group’s vision. The approach included the following steps:

  1. Comprehensive Consultation: SGD engaged in thorough discussions with Deckhouse to understand its unique selling points, target audience, and business goals. This insight formed the cornerstone of the project’s strategy.
  2. Strategic Design¬†and Development: Leveraging their expertise, SGD’s design and development team conceptualised a website that seamlessly blended visual allure with functionality. The custom design incorporated intuitive navigation and a responsive layout, ensuring a consistent user experience across devices.
  3. Integration of Booking and Enquiry Features: SGD integrated user-friendly booking and enquiry features, streamlining the customer journey and facilitating direct interactions with potential clients.
  4. Optimisation and Testing: The website underwent rigorous testing to ensure flawless functionality and responsiveness. SGD optimised the site’s performance for quick loading times and seamless navigation.
  5. Launch and Monitoring: After Deckhouse’s approval, the new website was launched. SGD continued to monitor the site’s performance post-launch, promptly addressing any technical issues that arose.


The partnership between Deckhouse and SGD resulted in a revolutionary online platform that aligns with the organisation’s dedication to impeccable hospitality. The collaboration yielded remarkable outcomes, including:

  • Revitalised Online Presence: The redesigned website captured the essence of Deckhouse’s waterfront charm and Dedes Waterfront Group’s catering expertise, resonating with visitors and communicating the brand’s uniqueness effectively.
  • Improved User Experience: Intuitive navigation and responsive design created a seamless browsing experience, encouraging visitors to explore offerings and inquire about events.
  • Increased Engagement: The enhanced visuals and engaging content will lead to higher engagement rates as visitors spend more time exploring the website and learning about the offerings.
  • Boosted Sales: The integration of efficient booking and enquiry features facilitates direct interactions, contributing to an increase in event bookings and inquiries.
  • Brand Consistency: The website’s design aligns with Dedes Waterfront Group’s overarching brand identity, ensuring a cohesive and memorable experience for visitors.

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