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Man Overboard is an award-winning provider of drowning-prevention alarm systems for marinas. The company was created in 2018 and has been providing simple solutions for marina owners.

This company was created with the aim of reducing the risk in the case that someone falls in the water by notifying other people in the area if the person overboard is unable to make it out of the water by themselves.

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About the Project

Man Overboard needed to redesign and update its outdated site with the objective was to transform the website from a conceptual stage to a robust, representation of the company’s offerings, achievements, and industry leadership. They worked with SGD to build a site that showcased their professional portfolio and track record.

Their target audience includes marina owners, marine operators, and staff. The objective of the website is to assist the audience in understanding services. It should also allow efficient navigation, direct contact initiation, easy reviewing of previous work, staying updated with company news, and connecting on social media.

Man Overboard also needed a redesign that integrated a content management system for easy content updates and reduced administration costs. Overall, the site aims to provide a positive user experience for site visitors, improve search rankings and generate leads seamlessly.

Our Solution

We partnered with Man Overboard to create a modern, visually appealing website design that reflects their brand identity and message. Our solution comprised of the following:

  1. Rapid Website Design: Our rapid website design process commenced with strategic planning, developing detailed sitemaps, mockups, and wireframes. This enabled us to construct a dynamic, modern website design that captures Man Overboard’s brand essence, all within a swift timeframe to ensure timely execution.
  2. Intuitive Navigation and Optimised Content: To ensure a positive user experience, we crafted a user-friendly navigation structure. The website features key sections filled with quality, optimised content, including insightful case studies. Additionally, we applied tailored SEO strategies to secure prominent search engine rankings for targeted keywords.
  3. Comprehensive Portfolio and Testimonials: By integrating a portfolio section, we highlighted Man Overboard’s impressive achievements and client satisfaction through curated testimonials, establishing their industry credibility.
  4. Effective Call-to-Actions and Integrated Contact Form: To create a streamlined path to engagement, we placed prominent call-to-action buttons strategically throughout the site to drive inquiries. A contact form was also implemented, providing an easy method for handling general enquiries and bolstering client interaction.
  5. Content Management System and Responsive Design: To facilitate effortless content updates, including imagery, we integrated a Content Management System (CMS), making it easier for users to add content to the site. Our responsive design approach guarantees consistent, user-friendly experiences across all devices and browsers, reinforcing Man Overboard’s professional image.
  6. Premium Hosting and Ongoing Support: We provided premium website hosting, vital for swift loading times and overall speed optimisation, ensuring peak performance. Our ongoing support is designed to maintain a seamless digital presence, rapidly addressing any issues and facilitating continual improvements.


The collaboration between Man Overboard and SGD has produced a transformative result, superbly positioning Man Overboard at the forefront of the drowning-prevention system sector. Here are some of the key outcomes:

  • Professional Online Presence: The revamped website champions a professional aesthetic that reflects the high standards Man Overboard upholds in its products and industry presence.
  • Enhanced Product Showcasing: The website now proficiently highlights Man Overboard’s cutting-edge technology and the quality of their drowning-prevention systems through rich imagery and detailed product information.
  • Innovation Commitment: SGD has skilfully communicated Man Overboard’s dedication to innovation through a series of interactive elements and informative content, painting a picture of a company always pushing the envelope in their field.
  • Streamlined User Engagement: An intuitive user interface and strategic placement of calls to action culminate in a streamlined user journey, effectively converting site visitors into leads and potential customers.
  • Superior Market Positioning: The website reinforces Man Overboard’s market leadership, telling a compelling brand story that captivates clients and asserts their top-tier industry status.

In essence, the transformation of Man Overboard’s website, through the expertise of SGD, is not just a facelift but a strategic move that amplifies their market position and sets a new standard in the realm of maritime safety.

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