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City FM is one of the largest privately owned facilities management companies in Australia and worldwide. Founded in 1985, City FM has grown to become an industry leader in facilities management.

With a focus on running the business by reimagining the traditional facilities management approach, City FM continues to redefine facilities management by creating enduring partnerships built on collaboration and trust.

Their services span across a wide range of sectors, and they deliver services to organisations in the retail, childcare, food services, and health services industries. Some of the tasks they assist customers with include building management, assets and equipment maintenance, grounds and gardening management, facilities optimisation, and construction.

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About the Project

City FM realised the need to have an online presence that showcased the calibre and quality of the company’s services and positioned it as an industry leader to improve perceived credibility. CityFM partnered with SGD to create a transformative website that not only highlighted its diverse services but also elevated the brand.

With the target audience being large corporations, healthcare, aged care sectors, and potential employees, among several other categories, the main aims of the website include assisting users in understanding City FM’s services.

The website was also developed to have efficient navigation, encourage and initiate direct contact, provide a portfolio where visitors can review past work, enable site visitors to stay updated on company news and help them stay connected on social media.

Our Solution

SGD worked closely with City FM to understand their specific needs and goals for the website. Our approach included the following:

  1. Web Design¬†Upgrade: City FM’s new website was redesigned to focus on professionalism and credibility. Our strategic design process included wireframes, mockups, and site maps with the aim of creating an interactive design that is enriched with animations that encourage engagement.
  2. Intuitive Navigation and Interactive Sections: We designed the website with user-friendly navigation, allowing visitors to quickly find the information they were looking for and providing a positive browsing experience. The site includes key interactive sections, each filled with optimised content that thoroughly explains City FM’s services, capabilities, and core values. To drive inquiries and interaction, prominent calls to action were strategically positioned throughout the site.
  3. Comprehensive Portfolio and Testimonials: Recognising the weight that past work and customer testimonials carry in establishing trust and credibility, we created a robust portfolio section. This showcases a wide array of City FM’s contracts, highlighting the breadth of their experience and talent across different sectors. Paired with a testimonial section, website visitors can gain insights into the positive experiences of past clients, further cementing City FM’s reputation as a reliable and competent partner in facilities management.
  4. Recruitment Focus and Content Management: A significant part of our solution was devoted to creating a recruitment-focused section for potential employees. The aim was to attract and inform prospective candidates about the opportunities and benefits of working with City FM. We also integrated a robust Content Management System (CMS) that allows for easy updates and modifications to the website content. This streamlined process allows City FM to manage their online presence efficiently and effectively, keeping its audience informed about its latest news, updates, and offerings.
  5. Responsive Design and Premium Hosting: Our team incorporated responsive design principles to ensure the City FM website delivers a consistent and user-friendly experience across all devices. The website was optimised for speed, ensuring fast loading times with premium hosting to guarantee maximum uptime and website stability.
  6. SEO and Marketing Strategy: SGD developed an ongoing SEO campaign for City FM, targeting industry-specific keywords to bolster online visibility and reach. We crafted a long-term marketing strategy. This comprehensive plan includes actions to improve search engine rankings, attract quality website traffic, and optimise conversion rates – all aimed at solidifying City FM’s position as the go-to choice for facilities management services.


The partnership between City FM and SGD resulted in a visually appealing, functional, and user-friendly website that successfully met its objectives:

  • Cutting Edge Website Design: SGD delivered a website that successfully showcased the expertise and capabilities of City FM, elevating its brand image, exceeding expectations.
  • Improved User Experience and Engagement: The intuitive navigation and interactive sections resulted in an improved user experience, with visitors being able to quickly find the information they were looking for and engage with the website’s content.
  • Enhanced Credibility and Trust: By showcasing a comprehensive portfolio of past work and customer testimonials, SGD helped strengthen City FM’s credibility as a leader in facilities management.
  • Higher Online Visibility: Through our SEO campaign, City FM’s website saw an increase in search engine rankings and online visibility, resulting in a higher volume of quality website traffic.
  • Streamlined Content Management: The integration of a user-friendly CMS has enabled City FM to efficiently manage its website content, keeping visitors informed and engaged with the latest company news and updates.
  • Strong Marketing Strategy: With the implementation of our marketing strategy, City FM is well on its way to establishing a strong online presence and solidifying its position as an industry leader in facilities management.

Overall, SGD was able to position City FM as an industry leader, aligning with its commitment to innovation and excellence in facilities management.

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