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WordPress Development

WordPress Development

Professional WordPress Development

SGD is a highly experienced Website Design & Development Company, based in Hawthorn, Victoria. Passionate about professional WordPress development, specifically, we work with the most advanced platforms to ensure easily navigated, responsive, and mobile friendly design.

SGD focuses on developing fully customisable websites which are operated by highly customisable, and top performing, WordPress Content Management Systems. This allows us to achieve outstanding websites and ecommerce goals for our clients.

A custom-built WordPress site allows us, your developer, to have complete control over your design and code. We can build you your own unique theme, extend your site with plugins, host your site, and maintain the security of your site with offsite backups. It’s a one stop shop to streamline the digital element of your business.

We take pride in developing the best WordPress sites possible. We do not cut corners or use any premade templates. All our WordPress sites are built from scratch using the latest technology and industry standards.
Says James, Founder of SGD

Based on the design from our pervious section our team of talented website developers will bring this design to life.

We will ensure the development is professional and the final deliverable is firstly usable for a visitors’ point of view. We will also flex our creative development muscle and include features such as interactivity and animations. All the above combine to create a seamless user experience for visitors. We are dedicated to the holy grail of UX design!

Some facts about SGD websites:

  • Our sites are fully custom built
  • All our sites are optimised for SEO
  • Our sites are also optimised for fast loading
  • Our sites are 100% mobile friendly and fully responsive
  • Comprehensive testing and debugging takes place before we launch any site
  • Our sites are secure
  • We offer staging/test servers so your main site isn’t affected by updates

Why WordPress?

Did you know that WordPress powers over 25% of the world’s websites? It’s the fastest growing and most reliable CMS we have used to date, and therefore we prefer this platform over many others.

Here are some statistics about WordPress:

  • There are roughly 500 new websites built via WordPress each day
  • WordPress has been named the most popular CMS for a 7th year in a row
  • Some of the top websites in the world are run via WordPress – these include: Spotify, TIME, NBC, CNN and New York Observer.
  • The word “WordPress” is Googled 37 million times per month.

Located in Hawthorn, Victoria, we have the in-house skills to cover your digital needs from design to development and beyond. See some examples of our WordPress website here.

Services Include

Custom Development
Installation & Configuration
Theme Customisation
Blogging Solutions
Support and Maintenance

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