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CyberCX is the leading provider of professional cyber security and cloud services across Australia and New Zealand.

Their comprehensive range of services encompasses consulting and advisory, governance, risk and compliance, incident response, penetration testing and assurance, network and infrastructure solutions, cloud security and solutions, identity and access management, managed security services, and cybersecurity training.

With a commitment to excellence in cybersecurity, CyberCX recognised the significance of a website that effectively represented their brand, enhanced online visibility, and bolstered lead generation.

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About the Project

To meet these critical objectives, realised that they needed the assistance of a trusted digital agency. CyberCX engaged the services of SGD, a leading digital agency renowned for its passion for assisting businesses in achieving online success.

CyberCX’s existing website required a revamp to align with its brand identity, attract increased web traffic, and convert visitors into service leads.

The site needed to be a powerful online tool that showcased their expertise through relevant case studies, professional resources and offerings.

Our Solution

SGD embraced the challenge and was dedicated to developing a custom website that addressed CyberCX’s unique goals. The approach included:

  1. Discovery Phase: Comprehensive consultations with CyberCX allowed SGD to gain a deep understanding of their business, services, and target audience. This knowledge formed the cornerstone of the project’s strategy.
  2. Strategic Planning: Informed by the insights from the discovery phase, SGD formulated a comprehensive plan for website redesign and development, focusing on branding, online visibility, and lead generation.
  3. Design¬†and Development: SGD’s team of experts designed a modern website featuring a dynamic and user-friendly layout. The site’s architecture was engineered for optimal performance on various devices and browsers.
  4. Content Integration: Collaborating closely with CyberCX, SGD curated and optimised landing pages to ensure that services, expertise, and thought leadership were effectively conveyed while being optimised for search engines. Professionally vetted and engaging copy and compelling visuals were employed to inspire trust and action.
  5. User Testing: Before launch, rigorous testing ensured the website’s seamless functionality and consistent user experience.
  6. Launch and Ongoing Optimisation: Upon CyberCX’s approval, the new website was launched. SGD continued to monitor the site’s performance, making necessary refinements for peak functionality and lead generation.


The collaboration between CyberCX and SGD resulted in a transformative online presence, yielding significant outcomes:

  • Increased Keyword Rankings: Many of the tracked keywords and keyword clusters improved significantly. Over 500 keywords ranked on page one of search results, and we increased 902 places for the tracked keywords.
  • Improved Conversion Rate: The conversion rate for one of the key services jumped from 4% to over 20% which was a significant improvement.
  • Traffic Generation: There was a 52.28% increase in the total number of organic users over 12 months.
  • Enhanced Brand Representation: The redesigned website now effectively reflects CyberCX’s brand identity, showcasing their expertise and dedication to cybersecurity and cloud services. Through SGD ‘s SEO services, CyberCX has now been positioned as one of the leaders in the cyber security space in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Increased Online Visibility: SEO enhancements amplified CyberCX’s online presence, attracting a higher volume of organic web traffic.
  • Positive Industry Influence: The website now serves as a powerful tool for CyberCX to influence the industry, offering insights, guidance, and solutions.

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