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Website Design

Website Design

Website Design & Development in Melbourne

What is web design?

In its simplest form web design is the combination of written and graphic elements to create a compelling message to potential customers.

Website design is storytelling and often, problem solving. The design will help solve a problem in your business. Whether you’re not receiving enough enquiries, not selling products or not showing your investors you are professional company, we will work with you directly to establish the problems and use our design skills to fix them.

Often your business website is the first point where you engage with your customers. This is your opportunity to win over a client. Yes, first impressions count! A well-designed site will represent your business as professional, organised, and serious about your quality of services within your market. There’s nothing better than having a superior online presence over a competitor.

We believe that a professionally designed website is crucial for the longevity and success of a business in today’s market. If you want to build a relationship with your visitors, your website needs to be user-centric. This is something to think about when it comes to return visits and reoccurring based businesses.

Part and parcel with your expertly designed website, is your brand. Strong branding, well thought out colours palettes, fonts and icons will enhance your brand and tell a story to your visitor. Branding is the heart of who you are as a business. It’s important to take time on developing these elements:

  • Logo
  • Colour palette
  • Font and typography
  • Graphic library

These all come together to form your style guide – a selection of guidelines which will allow all members of the business to adhere to a unified message. Consistency is key, and our style guides are designed to empower your staff to show off and share your message without hesitation.

Standing Out In a Crowd

Standing out in a crowded market can seem like an uphill climb, but it’s doable with the right approach.

Like we said, first impressions count in the digital space. We recommend being clear with your message, firm with your motto and mantras, and be consistent with your messaging – and don’t forget your call to action.

Before engaging with a company, it’s common that visitors will review up to five businesses – rating them and judging them simply on their website. This all occurs before contacting a company. A well-designed website that works quickly, seamlessly with a well-thought-out site map will engage, impress and ultimately give you the best opportunity to close a sale and enhance your referrals.

While we are on the topic of referrals, if a website is out dated in design and function, you’re not going to send a friend, there are you? Just something to think about.

It’s one of the first impressions a user will get of your brand – make it a good one!

Why Website Design?

Did you know your business website is often the first point of customer engagement. This is your opportunity to win over a client with just a few seconds to establish a positive first impression.

SGD Website Design Services:

Help solve a problem in your business. A website can solve your sales, enquiries and positioning concerns.

Develop well-designed websites that will represent your business as a professional, organised, and serious competitor within your market.

We believe that a professionally designed website is crucial for the longevity and success of a business in today’s market.

SGD Landing Page Design

Custom Is Best

At SGD we don’t buy any themes or templates of the shelf. All our design work is done in house, and our websites are built from scratch. We work with a range of platforms and specialise in professional WordPress development.

We design all of our sites using Adobe Photoshop. We do not cut corners or use pre-designed themes. Our skills extend to complete ecommerce integration and solutions, all custom designed and unique to your needs and your brand.

We strongly believe that a professionally designed website is worth the spend especially when it comes to setting yourself apart within your market.

Website design is becoming more and more accessible, and easy for the common person to create a page. While the level of accessibility and ease of domains like Squarespace and Wix is astounding, the sites produced are becoming harder to discern, and a unique, diverse website is a rare find. Our websites are finely contoured and curated to the client’s needs and visual tastes, rather than fitting the content into an appealing but ultimately rigid and limiting template. We start from a blank page, designing the site by hand, before custom building it brick by brick until it the best outcome for the client has been fulfilled, and of course, they are left with a well-functioning and beautiful site that stands out from the crowd.

Seb White – SGD Designer

Our custom-built websites tick all of the boxes in terms of functionality and work seamlessly across all browsers and devices. Responsive Design is vital in today’s market. We know that users access websites via their smartphones and tablets at an increasing rate. A site that does not translate across all platforms will not compare to one that does – mobile friendly is a must!

The SGD website delivery process:

  1. Discovery – We create a sitemap and prototypes of the website functionality
  2. Creating a design brief – We define your design style and incorporate imagery
  3. Presenting designs – We present the homepage design and general layout styles to the client
  4. Editing – We refine the homepage design and present key page designs (home, about, services, products, blog, contact pages) to the client
  5. Changes – We implement changes as per the clients wishes
  6. Approval – We seek final approval on final design before building the site

Your website needs to be the best it can be – after all it’s the most powerful digital asset to your business. The one that has the potential to add the most value and propel your business onward and upward like no other.

James Fulton  Web Developer & Founder of SGD, Hawthorn

We always say that branding is the first step in a professional website design process. The website should always be seen as an extensions of the brand and a consistently designed website (and brand) is going to communicate professionalism to your potential clients or customers.

We encourage all our clients to have a professional, clean and consistent website that works with and enhances their brand and company message.

Our Website Design Services Include

Digital Strategies
Creative Web Design
Responsive Design
User Experience (UX)
eCommerce Site Design
SGD Website Design
SGD Responsive Website Design

See some of our recent website designs:

Located in Hawthorn, Victoria, we have the in-house skills to cover your digital needs from design to development and beyond.

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We identify and create affordable solutions that help brands stand out in
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We'll transform your creative brief into effective and forceful design tools adaptable across print and web, embedding a strong and lasting image in the minds’ of your customers.
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Website Design

Using best design practices, we'll create a website for you that truly reflects your brand, works on mobile and caters for your audience so they'll keep coming back for more.
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WordPress Development

Passionate about professional WordPress development, specifically, we work with the most advanced platforms to ensure easily navigated, responsive, and mobile friendly design.
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Our goal is to deliver a website that works best for your business. We are flexible and solutions focused at our core – no online store is too simple or too complex.
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Digital Marketing

Your website won't accomplish much unless you market it. We'll be on hand throughout the whole process to help you get the word out through social media, SEO and eNewsletters.
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Our SEO Plans are tried and tested and save you time and money in the long run. By creating genuine, original content, we help you get to the first page of Google faster and more effectively.
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Website Hosting

SGD hosting is cloud based, which is the most secure and reliable hosting available. Our hosting is lightening fast, secure and will back up your site twice daily.
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Website Maintenance and Support

We won't leave you hanging after your site has launched. Sign up for a monthly maintenance plan, where we'll handle updates and fix issues while you're busy running your business.
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