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About the client

A fixture of Habourside in Sydney, The Watershed Hotel offers a picturesque venue for locals and visitors alike to dine, drink and dance–all against the stunning backdrop of Darling Harbour and the Sydney skyline. As part of recent renovations, The Watershed approached SGD to redesign their brand on business cards, letterheads and menus. We are more than just a web company, and we gladly accepted the challenge.

About the project

For the new monogram, we placed a stem beneath a capital “W”, creating the image of a navy-coloured wineglass on a white background. For the logotype, we used the same font and colours, accentuating the name “Watershed” and including the hotel’s address below it. In some cases, such as the letterhead, the monogram can be used in conjunction with the logotype.

However, given the style and nature of the bar,  we believe that using the glass-shaped W logo by itself without the name creates the feel of a refined, professional venue. For instance, on a menu, the glass logo may appear by itself on the front, and the name would appear on the inside front cover; same goes for a business card. While the logotype advertises the bar to those who have not yet stepped inside, the primary purpose of the monogram logo is to strengthen the brand to its patrons inside the venue.

The Watershed Hotel also asked us to refresh their old website with a nautical theme, full social media capabilities for Instagram and Facebook, and responsiveness on all mobile devices. We achieved this with a colour scheme of sea shades, such as navy blue and sky blue, and various nautical symbols, such as anchors and “sailor’s knots,” throughout the site. On each page, the main content appears against a clear sky, while below it are the ever-present waves. Floating in this beautiful sea are an option to sign up for news and offers, a list of contact details, and the hotel’s Instagram feed.

The navigation menu is easy to use and features options to view menus, capacity for functions, news, and special events. In addition, you can browse through a dynamic gallery and submit a contact form. The “Book Now” button immediately takes you to your email.

With fast service and plenty of on-deck attractions, The Watershed site is permanently docked in Darling Harbour, ready for you to come aboard!


Laura Brown

We started the rebrand journey knowing that it was going to be challenging. Our offering is varied, as is our market. We’re the perfect tourist lunch destination, a great corporate after-work location, a popular event venue and have a solid young night trade as well, so wrapping all that up in one brand was never going to be easy. The SGD team produced a simple, strong yet on-trend brand that works perfectly across all markets. For the website we embraced a nautical theme that reflected the recently refreshed interior of our venue. The whole project was incredibly easy and we were ecstatic with the end result.

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Graphic design
Social Media
Website Design
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