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Quality, ethical SEO strategies that drive up your leads and sales and deliver the strongest ROI

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We deliver a clear strategy, to boost your rankings and drive sales through roof !

Optimising your site to drive leads and sales from Google isn’t easy but we’ve helped many of our customers achieve just that. We specialise in providing a clear, easily understood process to driving up the number of visitors to your website and critically getting them to contact or buy from you.

What we’ll do for you:

  • Establish how competitive your industry or niche is.
  • Assess the SEO strength of your site and the competition and give a realistic expectation of the investment required to achieve top positions, and drive up your sales.
  • Work with you to build an effective content strategy loved not only by Google but by your customers as well.
  • Generate quality trusted links to your site – no SPAM or risky practices.
  • Provide open, transparent reporting that you can understand.

If you’ve done SEO before you may have experienced the lack of transparency some SEO players have. Are you receiving monthly lists of keywords and meaningless numbers from your current agency, paying a fortune but the sales and leads aren’t increasing?

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At SGD we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards in SEO.

Our responsibility is to increase traffic to your website, and to drive up the number of sales, enquiries and phone calls you are getting. Our reporting focuses on this – in clear, easily understood terms. Sure we track keywords and rankings – we have to – but the results of our SEO efforts must translate into revenue for you, or we’re not doing our job.

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How we get you results

The basics – Website structure

A well structured website is the foundation for good SEO, and our team of experts will write clear, effective meta tags, titles and headings that help search engines and customers, understand clearly what you do to lay this foundation.

Your selling messages – Content Strategy

Keyword stuffed SEO nonsense has no place in modern SEO. We’ll help you build compelling copy that explains your offer and your message in clear effective terms to help both your SEO but more importantly, your target customer!

Building trust & authority – Link outreach

This is a part of SEO that requires careful, ethical quality practices. Bad links can cause Google Penalties and our team of outreach experits will build a quality strategy to drive your website rankings up and ultimately deliver more well-targeteted prospects right to your door.

Driving results – Effective calls to action

We look beyond just the technical SEO matters and review your page layouts, calls to action and response mechanisms being used. We’ll help tune your approach to maximise leads and sales your site is driving.


Most importantly, we’ll provide clear easily understood reporting in terms you understand – website visitors, leads, sales and phone calls. At the end of thie day this is what matters to our customers, and therefore this is what matter to us!


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