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The New SGD Website Is Here!

January 27, 2016 |

If you’ve visited our website recently you’ve noticed that it looks a bit different, and by different we mean awesomer.

After many long nights of planning, designing, developing and testing, we’re proud to unveil the new and improved SGD site. We pulled out all the stops with this one, because we believe our clients deserve the very best. Indeed, the new site is quite client-centric, with clear messages about our services, a beautiful portfolio showcasing our top projects and a prominent testimonial section. You will also find it easier to get in touch with us–how can you miss that big gold “Get Started” button?–and to locate helpful resources such as free eBooks and blog articles.

Changes have been in the works at SGD for some time now. It started a couple years ago with the move to Richmond and then last year with the new office and expanded team. We wanted to be more than just a web design agency. Anyone can create a pretty website these days. Instead, we wanted to really work with our clients on the business side of things, helping them to utilise digital tools become profitable and recognisable in their industry. We believe we’re now in a prime position to do just that: make YOU successful.

So what are you waiting for? There has never been a better time to consult with us about your next web project. It’s free, there’s no obligation, and you’ll be glad you did! Why not start 2016 off right by making a great decision for your business?

James Fulton

A multimedia and design professional with a healthy obsession for all things web. James’ passion for web design sees him stretching his creative imagination to eternal limits and forever sees him thinking outside the box, even if it is not work related. James’ ideas are original and innovative, and implementing them into the world of the web to create aesthetically enjoyable websites is what he does best.

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