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Take Your Restaurant’s Website to the Next Level with These Optimisation Strategies

By James Fulton on May 17, 2020

It doesn’t matter how mouthwatering your menu’s dishes are, every restaurant needs a fully optimised website. These days, pretty much all consumers use the internet as a resource to find what they’re looking for, especially when it comes to food. Even if digital marketing isn’t your priority and you’re all about the food, it’s important…

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Keep Your Business Running: Online

By James Fulton on March 23, 2020

Hey there, James from SGD here. With self-isolation in full effect, you’ve likely found yourself in an unknown time of business. Like so many of us, small businesses will feel the brunt of slowing patronage as Australians adjust to a new way of life over the coming months. Here at SGD we are dedicated to supporting…

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6 Web Design Rules for Your Small Business

By James Fulton on August 14, 2019

Every small business needs a great website design to help attract leads and remain competitive. A quality website also helps increase your online exposure and grow your brand. Unfortunately, many businesses still use outdated designs or fail to provide visitors with the information that they need. Consumers use websites to make informed decisions about the…

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WordPress VIP

By James Fulton on July 10, 2019

Have you heard of WordPress VIP? It could be the platform you need to consolidate your online portfolio and maximise your time managing multiple sites.

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