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WordPress VIP

By James Fulton on July 10, 2019

Have you heard of WordPress VIP? It could be the platform you need to consolidate your online portfolio and maximise your time managing multiple sites.

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When to go BIG!

By James Fulton on November 26, 2018

In our line of work (digital agency), we work with some fantastic clients – both small and large. 99% of our enquiries are great candidates for SGD, but there are some clients that we guide in a different direction. I know, it sounds crazy to turn away business, right? But we want the best results…

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Small Business Web Development

By James Fulton on November 17, 2018

We understand that small business web development requires a tailored approach. A digital investment is one that can really propel your business upward so while we feel that it’s the most important investment you can make, we also understand that small businesses must stick to budgets.

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5 Easy Content Marketing Ideas

By James Fulton on September 29, 2018

5 easy content marketing ideas Here at SGD, we identify Content Marketing as the process of planning, creating and developing digital content with the goal of attracting and retaining the intrigue of potential clientele. The end goal of your Content Marketing efforts is an exchange of goods or services for money – on a recurring…

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