Why Responsive?

By James Fulton on June 25, 2013

Today, not surprisingly, about one third of the world’s population – 2.3 billion people – are internet users. Due to the mass adoption of hand held devices such as smart phones and tablets, by 2015 it’s predicted that 2.1 billion of those internet users will be mobile internet users. Believe it or not, these handheld…

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The Importance of Web

By James Fulton on June 24, 2013

Having a website should be at the top of the checklist when starting a small business, or any business for that matter. However, unless you are willing to devote a significant amount of your time in caring for and updating your site, creating a website just so you can tick it off the list is…

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Welcome to the new SGD

By James Fulton on June 24, 2013

In celebration of twelves months as a full time operation, we are super excited to introduce our brand new website! It’s been a long time in the making but we finally found some time to focus on us for a minute which is a rarity these days thanks to all of our amazing, wonderful clients….

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Good news, everyone!

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