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Magento vs. WooCommerce

By James Fulton on October 24, 2014

While Magento and WooCommerce both serve well as self-hosted eCommerce platforms, WooCommerce has surged ahead in popularity in recent months. The numbers speak for themselves. As of October 2014, approximately 18% of all eCommerce sites in the world use WooCommerce. That’s twice as many as those using Magento (9.2%). So why is WooCommerce the preferred platform? There…

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Powering eCommerce with WordPress

By James Fulton on October 21, 2014

As we talked about in The Future of WordPress, WordPress has evolved from a blogging platform (at which it still excels) to a content management system capable of supporting eCommerce. In other words, WordPress users aren’t just bloggers anymore; they’re owners of small and large businesses who want to sell a lot of products online and…

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The Future of WordPress

By James Fulton on October 9, 2014

There is no doubt that WordPress has become the platform of choice for bloggers, web developers and site administrators. WordPress currently powers over 74 million websites, taking up 21.9% of the market share for content management systems (CMS). The user base, supported by a robust open source community, has indeed grown to massive proportions. And although…

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Get Ahead with Google Analytics

By James Fulton on August 26, 2014

Whether your goal is to boost sales for your online business or simply attract more visitors to your site, Google Analytics represents a powerful tool to analyse your site’s performance. That’s why we offer Google Analytics assistance with every website we design. So how does Google Analytics work? In simplest terms, it provides many kinds…

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Super Cool Scrolling Sites

By James Fulton on July 7, 2014

15 years ago the worldwide web was a very different place, it was a far more plain and visually only had the barest of bones. Sites were static, simple and mostly only provided information. Social media was non-existent, there were few videos and definitely no Youtube, you needed a computer connected with a wire to…

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Five Seriously Good Reasons We Use WordPress

By James Fulton on May 8, 2014

We here at SGD love to spruik the ideals of WordPress, the amazing incredible open source blogging tool that powers 17% of the web already and rising.  The story doesn’t stop with blog installation. It comes with plenty of new features and options that allow an incredible amount of flexibility, everything from simple websites, blogs,…

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Flat Design The New 3D

By James Fulton on October 17, 2013

Up until now, us web designers have put particular focus on our designs being flashy, animated, 3D looking, and to chuck a technical word in there – skeuomorphic,  all in the name of wanting our viewers to go, wow! However, today and moving forward a new trend is emerging which you may have noticed particularly when…

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Why Responsive?

By James Fulton on June 25, 2013

Today, not surprisingly, about one third of the world’s population – 2.3 billion people – are internet users. Due to the mass adoption of hand held devices such as smart phones and tablets, by 2015 it’s predicted that 2.1 billion of those internet users will be mobile internet users. Believe it or not, these handheld…

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The Importance of Web

By James Fulton on June 24, 2013

Having a website should be at the top of the checklist when starting a small business, or any business for that matter. However, unless you are willing to devote a significant amount of your time in caring for and updating your site, creating a website just so you can tick it off the list is…

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