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In today’s social media-rich environment, many companies are putting the majority of their marketing resources into ads on Facebook, updates on Twitter, and engaging posts in Instagram. But what of the lowly email? All signs indicate that this simple medium is still a heavy-hitter in the world of marketing, and automation has turned the classic…
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How to get More Leads from LinkedIn LinkedIn is a subtle, but powerful, lead-generation tool. Used wisely, it will bring in customers in droves, and lead to greater success for your business. Its stats say it all: LinkedIn is a major part of content strategy for 94% of Business-to-Business marketers, and it’s rated as the…
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What happens when designers have trouble designing? What about writers who can’t find the right words? Creativity comes into play in many professions, and even the most highly-creative among us occasionally has crises of creativity. Instead of panicking, try these suggestions: 1. Slow Down If you’ve been running on empty for far too long, it…
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By James Fulton on April 5, 2016 | ,


Interested to know how the ‘gram can help your business grow? There are a few reasons we personally love following brands on Instagram, as well as reasons we love communicating with our clients in this way also. (Are you following us? Go on! @seriouslygooddesign) Hello new customers! The number one reason it totally rocks is…
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Once upon a time, the worst case scenario for most businesses involved burglary, fire, or natural disasters. That’s why people developed insurance policies to cover any potential losses to merchandise, property, or records. These days, however, businesses not only have physical premises, but an online presence as well. While this virtual storefront serves as a…
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By James Fulton on August 5, 2015 | ,

SEO Mythbusters!

With so much information out there, it’s hard to know what to implement and what to ignore when it comes to search engine optimisation. And since SEO is constantly changing and evolving, we thought we’d bust some myths when it comes to the internet’s most loved buzzword, SEO. Let the debunking begin. 1. Social media has ZERO effect…
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Is your business on Instagram? If you’ve found yourself wondering if Instagram is a valuable platform for gaining new leads, the answer is entirely subjective to your audience. Are they using Instagram? Then the answer is yes! Without a doubt Instagram has the ability to turn potentials into profits, and if you do your research,…
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