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2022 Federal Budget Tax Benefits for Web Design

By James Fulton on April 27, 2022

The world of taxation is constantly evolving, and in 2022, that evolution greatly benefits those who invest in web design. According to the changing federal tax rules, businesses that spend money on web design in 2022 can get some major deductions when filing their tax returns. So how can these new tax regulations benefit you…

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WordPress Page Builder Review: Elementor, Bakery or Custom?

By James Fulton on October 30, 2021

Thanks to WordPress, web developers and designers can create fully functioning websites in a fraction of the time that it used to take. Even individuals without any website building knowledge whatsoever can create web pages, especially thanks to the many WordPress page builder solutions that are now available. Two of these solutions stand out as…

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The True Cost of Using Inexpensive WordPress Designers

By James Fulton on August 19, 2021

You may think that you’ve found the dream candidate for building your WordPress site. You’ve found the unicorn, one of the few WordPress designers who is willing to design your site from scratch while charging you a very low price. However, before you hire that person you found on a freelancer’s forum charging pennies for…

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Why Do Websites Need Maintenance?

By James Fulton on June 14, 2021

You may think that once you are done with the initial website design, you can part ways with your designer, close the HTML code, and be done with that task. However, all websites, including WordPress websites, need regular maintenance. Website maintenance ensures that your visitors will find a site that is functional, communicative, and easy…

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How to Know You’ve Found a Good WordPress Designer

By James Fulton on May 26, 2021

WordPress is the most used platform for building websites. It offers an interface that almost anyone can use to create professional-looking websites. However, sometimes you need a professional WordPress designer to help your site stand out from the competition. Examine the top details to look for in a good  WordPress designer. Necessary Skills for a…

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