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By James Fulton on August 20, 2014 |

Beware of Domain Name Scams

A number of our clients have received suspicious letters from Domain Name Group Pty Ltd and Domain Register Pty Ltd. We’d therefore like to take a moment to educate everyone about this scam. These two groups (which are actually one and the same) have been operating for several years now. Even though they are misleading people,…
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By James Fulton on August 14, 2014 | ,

SGD Boot Camp: Facebook Ads Part 1

Welcome to the first week of SGD Boot Camp! Over the next few weeks we’ll be looking at the inner workings of Facebook advertising and the differences between the available options. By the end of the course you should have a greater familiarity with Facebook ads and feel more confident in your decision-making. Reach for the…
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By James Fulton on August 13, 2014 | ,

Stand Out from the Crowd with SGD

In this, the Digital Age, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to keep up with the competition without the aid of a website. Whether you do a lot of business online or simply want to reach new and existing customers through the Internet and social media, a website is an essential piece of marketing equipment….
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By James Fulton on August 11, 2014 | ,

Suit Up for SGD Boot Camp

If you follow our site you should know by now that the Internet is an overcrowded digital marketplace. We simply can’t emphasize that fact enough. To beat out the competition, whose products are already easily accessible, you’ve got to be one click ahead. This means being seen early and often: at the top of a…
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On Thursday night, I (James) had the pleasure of meeting Matt Mullenweg the founder of the almighty WordPress. Matt was in town for a number of special events with the local tech and WordPress community. For those who are unfamiliar, Matt is the creator of the world’s largest content management system – WordPress. However, what some…
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By James Fulton on January 6, 2014 | ,

Hello 2014!

With the tinsel once again packed away after yet another frantic festive season and relaxing summer break, the doors at Seriously Good Design are once again open for business! If you are keen to start your new year with a fresh face for your brand, you have come to the right place! SGD is your…
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Gone are the days where reaching for the Yellow Pages or other business listings was the “go to” method for finding products, brands and services. These days, it’s no secret that most people use Google to search for businesses, and if you’re not online, you may as well keep your business a secret. If you’re…
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