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Blogging 101: Inspiration now!

By James Fulton on February 9, 2016

At a time when content is king, the subject matter, or topic of your blog, can be the deciding factor of whether your message receives major traction or none at all. Conveniently, or frustratingly rather, choosing your subject matter might also be the hardest part of the entire writing process. So when your mind draws…

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5 Reasons a Web Maintenance Plan is a Smart Plan

By James Fulton on July 29, 2015

Your site is built, you’ve launched, job done right? Sorry, not so fast. Website maintenance is a complex and yet imperative task, and with so many other elements to your business, it’s understandably almost impossible to do yourself, even if it is within your skill set. That’s where web maintenance plans come in. To put…

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Boost Your Business with Instagram

By James Fulton on July 14, 2015

Is your business on Instagram? If you’ve found yourself wondering if Instagram is a valuable platform for gaining new leads, the answer is entirely subjective to your audience. Are they using Instagram? Then the answer is yes! Without a doubt Instagram has the ability to turn potentials into profits, and if you do your research,…

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3 More Key Benefits to Having A Website For Your Small Business

By James Fulton on July 4, 2015

Following on from our first blog post – The 3 Key Benefits To Having A Website For Your Small Business. While you might think your website just helps your customers put a face to a name and find direct information about your product or services, it can actually do a lot more for your business. 1….

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Why Did My Site Disappear?

By James Fulton on May 13, 2015

On 21 April, Google announced that they will prioritise mobile-friendly websites over desktop-only ones. This means that if your site is not tailored for smartphones and tablets, it will rank much lower in search engine results. In business terms, you could lose up to 30% of sales by not appearing alongside your competitors in mobile…

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Hospitality Marketing Manager’s Guide to Blogging

By James Fulton on March 26, 2015

Are you a hospitality marketing manager trying to blog? If so, you’re taking a crucial step for your venue! Blogging establishes a much-needed dialogue between you and your patrons. A blog allows you to keep your clientele up-to-date on important news and events that affect them; receive customer feedback; and generally give your venue a…

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Custom Under Construction Pages

By James Fulton on February 27, 2015

In a previous post we discussed the importance of having a custom 404 page to keep your visitors engaged when they’ve encountered a problem accessing your site. Otherwise you could lose potential clients. The same holds true for an “under construction” page, which is basically a placeholder for a website that is unavailable due to…

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Tip #10 Promote, Promote, Promote! – Hospitality Guide to Blogging

By James Fulton on February 16, 2015

Based on our experience designing websites for hospitality venues such as The Botanist, The Watershed Hotel and SoCal Sydney, we’ve learned that many hospitality marketing managers want to blog, but don’t see it as time-efficient or cost-effective. That’s why we compiled the Hospitality Marketing Manager’s Guide to Blogging, which outlines a 10-point content strategy showing you how to…

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