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By James Fulton on October 20, 2016 | ,

To Hire or Not to Hire?

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Entrepreneurs and small business owners are used to doing everything themselves. Success depends on everything being done, and done correctly, so the best way is to do it yourself. This may have been the best approach in the beginning, but at some point growth is going to lead to…
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By James Fulton on September 28, 2016 | ,

3 Reasons Content is King

Regardless of your industry, job position, or depth of technical knowledge, I’ll bet that you’ve at least heard the term SEO. That’s because SEO – that umbrella term that stands for “Search Engine Optimisation” but that has come to encompass your website’s marketing success – really is that important. It’s also confusing, misunderstood, and ever-changing…
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When people visit your website for the first time, everything is new and exciting, and your audience is likely to keep visiting it while there is still unexplored content for them to find. But what about the fifth visit? The tenth? If your content isn’t kept fresh, your traffic will begin to fall off, and…
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The first thing many people start planning when they think of having their website built/designed is its style and layout. The problem is, that’s the wrong perspective. In order to have a successful, money-making machine of a website, focus instead on your goals, and what you want your website to achieve. Here are four important…
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How to get More Leads from LinkedIn LinkedIn is a subtle, but powerful, lead-generation tool. Used wisely, it will bring in customers in droves, and lead to greater success for your business. Its stats say it all: LinkedIn is a major part of content strategy for 94% of Business-to-Business marketers, and it’s rated as the…
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What happens when designers have trouble designing? What about writers who can’t find the right words? Creativity comes into play in many professions, and even the most highly-creative among us occasionally has crises of creativity. Instead of panicking, try these suggestions: 1. Slow Down If you’ve been running on empty for far too long, it…
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By James Fulton on April 5, 2016 | ,


Interested to know how the ‘gram can help your business grow? There are a few reasons we personally love following brands on Instagram, as well as reasons we love communicating with our clients in this way also. (Are you following us? Go on! @seriouslygooddesign) Hello new customers! The number one reason it totally rocks is…
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