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New Year – New Website for 2019

January 17, 2019 | , ,

Hi there! And welcome to the first SGD blog for 2019!

We are pumped for another great year here at SGD HQ – a year where we hope to meet new people, design new websites, push the boundaries in web development and continue to help small businesses (just like ours) reach their potential!

Last year, we created some great new websites for companies small and large. We focused on user-centric designs, functions that convert sales, and strived to really push the boundaries in the way of web development. 2019 is already set to be bigger and better for SGD and the clients who come our way. Could this be you? Why ofcourse it can!

If you’re looking to kick off the new year with a new website, we have opened our books for new clients. Spots are very limited so get in touch fast!
Want to make 2019 the year you launch a new website? Read the article below to see why you totally should!

Are you ready for a Seriously Good Website Makeover in 2019? Because we sure are!

Did you know that the average lifecycle of a website is approximately 3 years? It’s around this time that things start to feel a little stale in terms of design trends, functionality, fonts and colours.

Think you’re ready for a make-over?

Here’s a little test:

  • Do you love your website?
  • Is your branding perfectly represented by the design and tone of your site?
  • Do you love sending people to your site, feeling proud of what they’ll find?
  • Do you always feel confident that the content is up to date?
  • Are you on top of all your software updates?
  • Is your site lightening fast, without any glitches?
  • Is your site map excellent? Does it make sure your readers reach the most valuable parts of your site?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, it sounds like your site is pretty sweet – and pretty new!

If you have doubts around the functionality, style, design, and speed of your site, then now is the time to get in touch. We want to make sure everyone hits the ground running in January.

SGD is moving into 2019 with some kick-ass designs and updates, is your site coming with us?

What’s involved in a SGD Makeover?

While not every site will require the SGD-makeover “works”, there are loads of options.

Take one, or take them all. You’re the boss!

New branding?

This might include a logo redesign while keeping with your signature colours and strengths. The new branding can be carried out throughout the site as well as all of your print and digital assets. Before you know it you’ll be catching the attention of your clients with your new look and super fresh messaging. Even the most iconic brands re-brand every few years. It’s a way of moving forward while staying true to who you are, and recognisable to your customers.


Have you considered adding video, galleries, or updating your photography? Are you sick of stock imagery, and want to feel unique? A few updates here and there can really change your look.


Is your font looking a little bit tired? Is there something out there that you’d prefer? We are on top of the trends, and can help you find the new font for you.


Want to keep with what you have now and just add some functional elements?

Why not add a blog! Is 2019 the year where you become really transparent with your clients? If you’re wanting to add an easily updated blog to your site we can design this for you, set it up, and provide you with a log-in so that you can personally write your own blog.

Want to add an online booking tool? Or perhaps a checkout option for online sales? The list goes on. We can help you with all of these updates – which will lead to more leads, and more sales!

The Process

Let’s start by chatting about your goals for 2019. What is your site currently doing for your business, and what could it do better?

The team at SGD will look at your branding, site functionality, tone of voice and content, and come back to you with a cost-effective plan for your site. Once you’re happy with the process we get started on making your new website! It’s too easy, really.

Let’s talk $$$

Investing in your website shouldn’t cost you the earth. That’s why, for the month of January, we are offering a huge 40% off our makeover services to help you kick start your goals for 2019.

If you want to make 2019 your best year yet, let’s get started today! Email us or give us a call and we can get the ball rolling for you. You’ll be launching your new and improved site in no time at all!

Before we go, here’s a few stats to prove the point that a REFRESH is BEST!

  • 38% of people will stop interacting with a website altogether if they don’t like the look of it.
  • About 40% of visitors will leave a site if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds.
  • 88% of users will likely never return if they didn’t have a seamless experience.
  • 2 out of 3 adults only use their smartphones to browse the internet – get mobile friendly!


Make a Seriously Good Makeover your top resolution for the year and we will make sure you stick to it. Let’s go! To get started, email to book your free 45 minute consult. We will take that time to discuss your digital goals with you, and help you develop a sound plan for achieving them.

SGD HQ | Ground Floor 737 Burwood Road, Hawthorn, VIC 3122

James Fulton

A multimedia and design professional with a healthy obsession for all things web. James’ passion for web design sees him stretching his creative imagination to eternal limits and forever sees him thinking outside the box, even if it is not work related. James’ ideas are original and innovative, and implementing them into the world of the web to create aesthetically enjoyable websites is what he does best.

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